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20th November 2014, 13:32
This contains a mine of information

A Scientific Interpretation of Human Spirituality and God

About the Author
From early childhood—when he first realized he was one day going to die—Matthew Alper set himself upon a life journey to ascertain whether or not there exists a spiritual reality, a God. Was he merely a flesh-and-bone mortal or something more, something that perhaps transcended the restrictions of his fragile and very mortal physical existence? After receiving a BA in philosophy, Matthew continued his unconventional journey, working as everything from a photographer’s assistant in New York City to a fifth-grade and high school history teacher in the projects of Brooklyn, a truck smuggler in Central Africa, and a screenwriter in Germany, and then he returned to New York City where he wrote what he considers his life’s work, The “God” Part of the Brain. Since its initial publication in 1996, Matthew has lectured across the United States, appeared on NBC, done numerous radio shows, had his book used by numerous colleges to teach a variety of courses, and been praised by Pulitzer Prize–winners and other preeminent scholars and scientists. He is a contributor to the anthology Neurotheology, the emergent new science of which he is considered one of the founders. He presently lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with his cat, Sucio.