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22nd November 2014, 01:23
My Story and I'm Sticking to It

Background -
My grandparents were survivors in Aushwitz. My mom was born right after my grandparents were reunited after 3 years being apart after being in the camps. Their children did not survive. After my mom was born, her father died shortly afterwards at age 40. They said he had cancer. I believe that he was tested on in while in Aushwitz.

When my mother was growing up she had bad cystic acne. When she had my brother and I we both developed the acne. My dad had beautiful skin and his parents were not in the camps.

I struggled all my life to get rid of the cystic acne, to no avail. Then i decided i needed to figure out the reason on my own after 20 years of trying and trying with MD's. What i found after research and starting natural methods of detoxification was that cystic acne are implants.

I believe my family in Aushwitz were one of the first lab experiments of the trans-humanist agenda.

When i was around 10 years old, my mom's cystic acne became increasingly bad. Not only that but her personality changed drastically. Prior to that age, my mom was a normal mother. After this breakout of the acne, she turned into a cold blooded reptilian.
I became curious about her skin after she lied out in the sun and there seemed to be like black materials merged with her skin on her white face. I didn't know what it was and wondered what was on her skin. I have since figured it out.

The black materials were the first nanotechnology implants the cabal has been using. They are made of carbon nanotubes and are formed in the body using carbon and hitting the person with frequencies that form the implants.

I discovered this in my body when i tried to detox my body. I always wondered what on earth was causing cystic acne. Of course the dermatologists are clueless and charge thousands and thousands and get no where or just suppress the materials to remain deep underneath the skin.

I started detoxifying my body 7 years ago and was shocked, devastated to find out that this was all a govt coverup. That cystic acne was actually implants that the body is rejecting.

The reason why it appears on the face is because we have dental implants, one, that release frequencies that interact with the nanotechnology transhumanist implants on the face. Metal in the dental implants release frequencies that interact with the implants. Also, some people, like myself have thin delicate skin. When the frequencies emit from the dental implants, this causes the body to realize that their is a foreign material in the body and as a result, the body tries to push it out, resulting in what looks like cystic acne. Most dermatologists will give people antibiotics, cortizone, which makes the body just stop pushing out the materials, therefore it looks like the person is better, but they are not. The implants just remain under the skin until the person's immune system tries to push it out again, and fails, because the implants are attached to the cells because they are made by the body's own materials. I think most people with cystic acne, have implants under their skin the body is rejecting. Now the cabal has changed the formula to make it harder for the body to reject.

All the person needs is the initial ingredients to start the multiplication. The frequencies emitted from the cell phone towers, cell phones, internet and cable networks, satellites beam the frequencies at all of us, which leads to the body multiplying the transhumanization implants in the body. Unless someone starts to take the proper supplements to stop the replication, it will go on and on until the person is transhumanized.

I believe that b/c of my family being in Aushwitz we were tested on first. The cabal also gave small payouts (very tiny) to people who's families suffered in the German Holocaust. By this, they were able to find our locations so they can see the progress of their lab experiments.

I have tried to detox the implants for 7 years since first finding out they were implants. I found out they were implants b/c the pieces started coming out of my skin after using a frequency machine that was supposed to improve my health..it resulted in disaster..Because it alerted my body to all the electrical implants..and i went into shock and almost died. I have had thousands of broken pieces of these implants emerge. Once implant looked like a mini lobster claw, really demonic and scary. I have seen photos of it on the internet..they call it the "nano claw".

I believe Americans now are being implanted. And that most people do not realize how much of this stuff is in their bodies. I'm going to tell you after my testing what breaks down the implants in the body. Many people think who cares about this, it won't effect my life. But i can tell you if you do the "red wine spit test" on youtube you will find you have it in your mouth and it is in your body. The cabal are much more advanced with the transhumanist agenda then the new age movement seems to believe. I think many people are already being mind controlled. If you want to know the results of this transhumanist agenda look at early videos of Britney Spears and later videos. Don't ask me how i know she has been transhumanized or has the implants. i have a friend that knows her friends, who knows she has been treated for this issue, obviously the treatment didn't work.

When i detoxed...I did it the wrong way, b/c i did not detox my liver and kidneys first to make sure it can be detoxified. I instead went full ahead and nearly killed myself. When someone detoxes to fast, they go in to a herximer reaction. I basically went into shock and for a year could not breath properly.

I have put he pieces of implants into cups to test what breaks them down.

What i have found is that orange essential oils, citrus oils will break down the silicone materials that form the implants. The way the cabal is getting the silicone into our bodies is through our foods. Look how much polymers are in the foods..Modified food Starch is coated with Silicone. Silicone serves as the receivers of frequencies from their broadcasting system that then is designed to start the program to replicate the silica into our bodies into silicone and the carbon in our bodies to graphite. Now the cabal is using teflon and diamonds which i have not experimented with.

I have also used freeze dried hydrogen peroxide, which breaks apart the implants from the tissues. I did it too fast. Because it creates shrapnel which if too much, the body cannot detoxify. I then sat in saunas to try to detox. It's been quiet a nightmare. I hope to prevent people from going through this. I am 43 years old and I believe that the implants def. destroy the life force energy of the person implanted. I saw my brother as a child lose most all his life force energy at 10 years old. He had horrible cystic acne, which i know are implants. He doesn't talk to me now, b/c he thinks i've probably lost my mind. My parents turned really reptilian back then (30 plus years ago) and my dad died young at 50 in his sleep without being ill. A psychic said he had stroke, which i believe to be caused by the implant technology. The only reason i believe my mom is alive is because she took vitamins such as caprylic acid that started to detoxify her body. She's still very brain damaged and psychotic. She obviously did not get them out, she may have slowed the multiplication.

One way to find out if any skin anomalies are actually implants is to get a black light and look at your skin in the dark with the black light to see if you have fluorescence on your skin. This is the polymers. Sometimes these polymers cause a lack of pigment in the skin b/c it blocks melanin. Like in Michael Jackson's skin. Clearly he was poisoned.

I have found that oils are what breaks down the formation of these implants. Oils like coconut oils and orange essential oils and other essential oils break down the substances that are in our food and sprayed in chemtrails. If you put the essential oil on a styrafoam cup and it dissolves it, then it will break down the chemtrail goo that is being used to start the transhumanisation process in the body. You can see that you have the silicone goo in your mouth by gargling with red wine and a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide. If you spit into a sink you will see the stringy gooey substance, this is nanotechnology that receives the frequencies from the satellite systems.

I believe there is a second part to the multiplication of the implants. I believe that they are using viruses and bacterias to carry the implants around the body for multiplication. I noticed my parents freaked out when i was ten years old. During that time we got a dog, my love, Trixie. I think there is something within the dog, the bacteria which helps the multiplication of the transhumanist agenda. I heard Dr. Fred Bell mention that our pets are part of the formula. Whether it is something put in vaccinations or just naturally in pets i do not know. I also believe now they are putting the nanotechnology in foods, beauty products, water and chemtrails due to someone that i know that has been testing items and finding it in everything. There is no way a person has not ingested or inhaled this materials in their life.

I have a feeling the chemtrails are spraying viruses like herpes that infect pets and this is part of the formula. It also may be the vaccinations given to pets that are part of the formula. When we sleep with our pets we get their pathogens and i think this can spread the nanobots. I stopped vaccinating my dog years ago when i woke up. I now give my dog tiny amounts of standard process supplements and assiac tea, olive leaf extract, probiotics and other things in small amounts to slowly detox her.

My mom's face stopped showing signs of the implants when she started taking caprylic acid which stops fungus. I think this is what saved her life. Her face started to show signs of distress when her mouth started drooping and one of her eyes started look like she had a stroke. I believe this was the effect of the implants. If she only knew to take l-lysine and other anti-virals back then to fully stop the implants from multiplying through her body.

The effect the implants have long term is that my mom is a complete cyborg. She' so sheeplized it's very scarey. It's so bad, she's even an enforcer of the system. Whatever they do, she doesn't seem to have any type of emotional response. It's like she's completely brain dead. She playes her card games with friends, and has no concern about the outer world. I think this is the result of the implants. And this is the zombie, cyborg the cabal is going for. It's scary to me, because this is a woman with a Masters degree in chemistry, that has been turned completely into a zombie.

The implants seem to have an artificial intelligence and can control my mom's thoughts. If she is told something, the implants will reverse in her mind what she was told and if it's out of the Matrix paradigm, it seems to delete the information right away from her brain. I swear I could have sworn i saw her face shape shifting a couple of times where the outer images of her face seem to morph blurr like there is a holographic image overlay over her face, where something is controlling her.

I believe this agenda is a Grey alien agenda. I believe there is a possibility that once the person is implanted, the Grey aliens control the body like in the movie "The Host'. My mom seems to have the personality of a Grey alien now. No human emotions, no highs, no lows, just a cyborg that stares blankly. She is a person that works a job in sales and has no problem interacting and thinking within the Matrix. Her brain shuts down and gets taken over whenever there is something she is not supposed to think about, like under artificial intelligence.

If someone wants to prevent the buildup of nanobots i have found that essential oils break them down. Someone needs to get their kidneys and liver in good working order first by using stone breaker herbs to get rid of kidney blockages and other high quality kidney and liver herbs first for a month before trying to release and break down nanotechnology. Anti-pathogen and anti-fungals are needed bc the implants travel on these organisms around the body to multiply. I take elderberry, l-lysine, olive leaf to stop that. I also take high quality kidney and herb supplements. I also use Dr. willards water to raise my ph of my water.

Anyway, hope i helped to prevent the awakened people to prevent this agenda. I believe the population is largely being transhumanized and that the zombie apocolypse is coming. And according to my family's history it took my mom about 23 years to become a complete zombie with reptilian emotions. I think in 15 years there is going to be a growing apocalypse. Also, i see it lowering life expectancy as the nano multiplies indefinitely until it causes severe anemia and the body cannot transport oxygen into cells and the oxygen detectors can't detect this. I believe people in my family are a casualty in this agenda. I hope my experience helps people in stopping this agenda.

That's my story and i'm sticking to it.
Love and Light.

22nd November 2014, 02:58
And, here I was the other day telling a young friend of mine there's no such thing as zombies. :p Seriously, these people are not walking corpses, but I get your point.

Limor Wolf
22nd November 2014, 07:32
Thank you, Vilcabamba for sticking to your story. You have connected a certain dots in your life and I am sure at least portion of it is very valid. There is a lot of benefit in your recommendation for those of us who understand that the transhumanist agenda is gaining tremendous speed. Being in our awakened and aware minds, compassionate hearts and connected to our spirit is the prime answer, holding love in our heart. Being a descendent of Holocaust survivors, I can confirm that the experimentation, inspection and intervention of the Nazi agenda (under Alien agenda) is fully going on, with the many aspects of it, most specifically it involves implants, cyborgism and nano bots, and has to do with the occult as well.

Thank you for expressing your truth ~

22nd November 2014, 09:47
Thank you Vilcabamba, you are strong, powerful and brave person to stick up with your story.
The PA forum is a place for miraculous healing and empowerment. If you want some assistance, just request (post or PM mods/members) and be open to receive miracles :humble::hug:.
There are also very useful healing threads especially this one (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?43548-The-gut-of-most-disease...-NOT-what-you-think-&p=464505&viewfull=1#post464505) might interest you.

All the best to you