View Full Version : Common Core = Humanity Screwed and That's It Folks

22nd November 2014, 11:47

"Published on 21 Nov 2014
Info on Common Core

Common Core is being used to push down the culminative dynamic awareness of children, to destroy humanity, through robotics. No sane person can look at the curriculum and say it will be good for humanity.

Parents don't care. When the kids get annoying they are given Ritilin."

23rd November 2014, 04:26
Good Sign>>>>>another Truther who seems to have had it with those who choose and actually fight to stay dumb down..................More and more I see that those in the alternative community who have presented material in so many different ways hoping to reach others is not really moving the masses enough and thus more and more are just saying it like it is and calling a spade a spade!!:smokin: