View Full Version : What is it that from Acorn grows?

4th November 2010, 07:52
Hi Everybody,

Whilst the world was looking at the US election results, many missed the headline that ACORN that organization which was said to have been aiding and abetting prostitution in the US filed for bankruptcy.

Of course, we all know that the leaders of this organization will have put 'Plan B' into operation and will be on the brink of appearing as some other entity, as once they get the taste of blood (money) they crave for it and will go to all odds to keep getting it.

So keep on the lookout for the Bertha Lewises of this world to pop up again doing 'good work' for the people. It could be that they would be doing things with a conservative slant now the left took a beating.

Let's wait and see.

Best regards,