View Full Version : Is this some kind of sick joke?

24th November 2014, 22:48
The fraud that is Save the Children.
If you have ever given or are considering donating to this sick organization, please read this first.


25th November 2014, 00:34
Blair is responsible for the deaths of over millions of men,women and kids in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rewarding Blair is a disgrace!

25th November 2014, 01:02
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, belljoshua565. Unfortunately so many "humanitarian" non prophet organizations have been corrupted at some level. I am very, very cautious and skeptical about who I donate to. What a shame that we have to be wary of organizations that are supposedly here to help the planet and residents in some way and may in reality do the exact opposite.

A Voice from the Mountains
25th November 2014, 01:30
Remember that the Rockefellers hide their massive wealth in "charities" that are not taxed, and which are dedicated to carrying out their sick agendas. This is also why people like Rockefellers and Rothschilds don't appear on the Fortune 500. They're too good at hiding their wealth into useful (for them) and untaxable locations.

25th November 2014, 02:34
I would love it if eventually we would do flash mob protests at all the cancer and other fake charity events. I would love to bullhorn how they are all being deceived.

A Voice from the Mountains
25th November 2014, 06:57
That's a good idea, Mr. Bamba. I have a feeling that a lot of people truly concerned about helping others would turn their money away even at the idea of being deceived by these organizations.