View Full Version : Orgone gun for disrupting greys' vessels' cloaking

25th November 2014, 15:19
Does anybody have any experience or has anybody witnessed the use of an orgone weapon to disrupt the cloaking of the greys' spaceships?

25th November 2014, 15:39
Not directly that I know of but!
The last even't that i'm calling a UFO (OAP) sighting could well have been some sort of cloaking that failed!

Suddenly very hi above me (Just under the clouds, about thousand feet) a MASSIVE flat, gray oval/disk came into view (popped out of nowhere?) and then proceed at great speed across the sky over the horizon!

It looked totally flat as if cut out of cardboard, no features to it. I got the impression something was above it and that normally the disk I could see wold just be showing as sky and so I/we would be none the wiser ;)

It was there, I watched it in full day light but was so surreal!

25th November 2014, 15:55
Orgone energy is scalar, vortex or chi energy. Different names, same thing.

Allegedly, the American military shot down an UFO because of the wavelengths and frequencies of the radar they were using at the time over the West Coast, apparently "knobbling" the UFO, which crashed.

You might like to contact the US Authorities (or not) for that information:-)

Alternatively, you might like to consider the science of broadcast energy in respect to radar for an understanding of how it works and the implications of energy transference between dissimilar charged bodies and the resultant impact. First, follow the principles and follow up with some applied science. Very dangerous field to mess with.

25th November 2014, 16:00
Yes, but do you know which ones to shoot? Are they friendly? Or not? You certainly wouldn't want to be shooting friendlys. And if they are not... will they be around later tonight... to abduct yer sorry ... ??? chuckle chuckle chuckle.

A Voice from the Mountains
25th November 2014, 17:48
How about you shoot at all of them and if they respond negatively then those probably aren't the good guys? I don't know how it works really. :P

I never read Reich's own notes on the subject but I've heard others summarize them that way basically. Reich would point his orgone devices into the sky and it attracted UFOs. He would point the orgone devices directly at the UFOs and they would begin to seem perturbed. Reich assumed they were negative entities that were concerned about the good work he was doing. I can't blame him for coming to that conclusion, based on all the things we've learned about ET interactions on Earth since then.

25th November 2014, 18:52
Do you know if the best source for info on how to build/assemble an orgone gun?

25th November 2014, 21:34
Reichs Cloud Buster works well for shooting them. Bigger the buster, the better they work. You know the old saying... bigger is better? Yep. Works in this case. cc.

However, it will also create Rain. Yep. And same goes for bigger the better in this case... also. Bigger the Cloud Buster... the more rain will you get. Always build it with the "Pipes" flat. as all in a single row. Never build it with them bundled into a round roll... which will cause a Tornado. yep. And if too big even assembled flat, it can cause a hurricane.

Are these things dangerous??? "Betchersweetbippy" they're dangerous. Which is precisely why I won't never tell ya specifically how to build one.

OK... I will tell ya how to make a small one, that you can play silly games with. chcuckle chuckle.

Get a 10 foot piece of 3 inch farm sprinkler pipe. (From yer local farm supply) One end must be in a large supply of water. Point the other end up. that's it. OH!!! Very "Important" !!! Nver handle the pipe with your "Bare" hands. It can attract "Lightening"... and WILL fry yer silly tail!!! ccc. I used a couple of 2x4s' and a C-clamp to clamp them onto the pipe, so as to have a big wooden handle 4 feet long. Worked. cc. Stick one end in your Horse trough. for those that don't have horses, ya can use yer little kiddies swiming pool. (Now remember!! Very important!!! When yer done playin. dump the water and refill with fresh. It won't be safe for your horses to drink, or your little kiddies to play in)

Once you have yer little Cloud buster, up and workin... you will then be able to poke holes in the clouds above... or even write your name in them. Writing yer name may take a while depending on how big yer clouds are and such. Be ever "Watchfull" as you play with yer new Cloud buster... cuz it CAN and Will, atttract both ET... and the u s gobment.

Point yer new Cloud Buster at an ET and watch them start to "Wobble". ccc.

Trust me, when you play with this too much... they will come see you... I don't know who they are...

but they ain't nice!!!!:wizard:

They were in nice suits though... ccc.

25th November 2014, 21:37
Thank you for this thread. I don't know about using it against Greys, but I have been thinking off and on about the potential of orgone devices.

In particular, I observe that such current devices are unidirectional. What I wonder and have been contemplating: is it possible to make a spherical device that operates on a 360x360 scope?

Specifically, the device would (theoretically) operate on the principle of spheres being more efficient energetic shapes than cylinders. An example (questionable, I know) is the comparison of the 'Joe Cell' versus the 'Moe Joe' cell.

Additionally, I have theorized that placing the entire spherical device inside a genesa crystal might produce a tangible effect. Thoughts?

25th November 2014, 21:37
Oh yeah, if yer Buster quits workin... dump the water and refill with fresh.

A Voice from the Mountains
25th November 2014, 22:08
Do you know if the best source for info on how to build/assemble an orgone gun?

There is so much disinformation and muddying of the waters on this subject that I would suggest trying to get as close to Reich's original writings as you can. I've been reading through Reich's own books but I haven't gotten to these parts yet, just a lot of theory.

Reich's original works were burned by the FDA, as much as the FDA could possibly get their hands on. The versions in print today were taken up a decade or two after he died, and I have some unresolved questions as to the integrity of these later printings. I would love to find some surviving original copies of some of these books.