View Full Version : NSA Spying at Pine Gap & Menwith Hill

26th November 2014, 04:53
I have recently uploaded a new analysis to my channel explaining how the 2 key sites run by the NSA at Pine Gap in Australia and Menwith Hill in the UK appear to be linked to the 60Hz power grid frequency cycle of the USA, and how this is linked to the work of Nikola Tesla. It may be of great interest to the forum.




26th November 2014, 05:13
Intriguing, intriguing Keith, thanks for posting and good to see you hear once again :)

26th November 2014, 10:04
interesting you have also linked teslas research with base at pine gap

26th November 2014, 14:43
Suspect there's a lot of truth about how Tesla s technology has been used, including the scalar wave (haap) for weather modification. No doubt ET has given a helping hand in some of the particle beam weapons as well.

27th November 2014, 01:06
I do think that Tesla's 'World System' is a part of the equation here. And I do think that it is not just that both Menwith Hill and Pine Gap are involved in intercepting electronic communications. I do think that it is about generating electrical power, and transmitting it to other points upon the earth. There is a secret technology at work here I think.