View Full Version : Newscasters Agree: Rising Gas Prices Edition

29th November 2014, 00:42
Talk about scripting the news ... watch thes "hilarious" videos ...



29th November 2014, 03:55
five or six corporations own all the mainstream media networks , they get their news from the AP , a fax telling them what stories they will cover and what they will say ... it's more entertainment than news , been that way for a very long time ... sadly the news media is supposed to be a watch dog for us to keep the government in check ... they are bought and paid for , and infested with CIA ...

29th November 2014, 14:18
I didn't realize that they were getting a literal script with exactly the same wording. Wouldn't it be simple to change them up a bit for each channel or is there a reason for presenting exactly the same wording to each station? Really wierd, its worse than I thought.

29th November 2014, 14:42
I was watching the news just a few days ago, (I very rarely watch TV), and was flipping channels between a Fox news station and a CBS news station. Both Fox and CBS, (obviously rival news stations), had the exact same news stories for the riots happening in the St. Louis area and the snowstorms in the Buffalo area. The same video footage, same picture's, and the same words. Exactly. The only difference was the person speaking the words.

30th November 2014, 11:03
That video was from Feb 2013.


30th November 2014, 13:09
are you sure these gals are pretty enough to deliver the news?