View Full Version : Geocentric Thinking

30th November 2014, 11:39
It is a obvious line of thinking man kind has. He has created theories to explaining his world and the universe according to his understanding at this moment in his existence. He further creates expectable norms in his limited social circles and many believe we are alone in the vast universe so mans arrogance that he is a superior form is supported, along with his self made illusions in the material sense like statue's and large building to make some superior to others through these psychological toys.

Some people think along geocentric thinking that all worlds revolve around them and their views at this moment in time is reality and unalterable. Some minds cannot think beyond their own experiences of self made beliefs. Yet there are indicates that man is in for a big surprise through sightings of what some term unidentified flying objects this is also back up by official statements from entities such a NORAD who stated the following concerning the UFO: "We all know what the term UFO means, we just don't use it.....The specific term "UFO" is not used by this command even though you could say that this term would equate to UTR [unknown track report], either an uncorrelated event or an unknown track, since an unidentified flying object could be considered either.' NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) letter to author 19 December 1995.

Douglas Hurd the former foreign secretary in the UK stated that large embassies are for psychological impact and purposes, this is know doubt very truth it would be very different if it was a garden shed would it not?

It seems many unless they experience something themselves, are of the mind-set of that basically concerns their own existence and ignore everything else. Mankind has no idea that his limited social behaviour and mentality is in fact his stumbling block, for they use it to attack, ridicule or bias beliefs as a weapon to maintain their own illusions and beliefs for it makes their little world more comfortable. As the saying goes, comfortable lies and unpleasant truths comes to mind.