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Limor Wolf
4th December 2014, 15:01
Hello Avalonians ~

I think it could be great if we could drop our lines here, for whatever we see fit, considering that we as souls of Avalon are being visionaries, creative and more than capable of building a world picture together. keeping our legs firmly on the ground (staying practical) and touching with our heads up in the sky (using creative imagination), who knows, we just may find that it works :) Are any of you up for it? A one line may do, or, if you feel like it why not drop a descriptive picture, a poem, a whole carefully thought essey or even an insider's information of the secret group of Universals Unifyers (oh, com'on, we know your there!)

We all have these visions inside us, no?

Time to air it out

Visionaries, here we go!


May love and good energies pave the way ~


4th December 2014, 16:07
I wanna see a world full of people who have come alive…


4th December 2014, 16:28
Hi Limor. I would like to hear your version of it.

4th December 2014, 16:49
First quick thought is:

Fully self-contained 'Ring City's' with all land/area in-between kept as natural animal/plant/tree reserves!
All connecting travel between rings via hidden tunnels and or air/flight!.
Homes to the outside of the ring each with a grand view out over the nature filled land outside. All work/amenities and play towards the middle which! rises up into an overlooking sky tower.

4th December 2014, 16:52
In my world, there's no violence.
No gloating over "other's" 'shortcomings' or being 'different'.
Common sense reigns, rooted in spirit.
Ego is a concept not realized/ understood [not unlike a 3d world to a 2d being].
Everyone knows everything as the one same thing, and behaves accordingly.

I'm a helpless dreamer.

Limor Wolf
4th December 2014, 17:08
Hi Camilo, thanks for the question. I see FREEDOM for all as a first phase, for all of humanity, for all beings, for animals and for our sentient planet.. I see Free Energy as an integral and necessary part of this coming evolution.

This is something I wrote with regards to our future earth, encouraged by Wade Frazier from 'A healed planet' thread.

My vision -

In the realms of pure Harmony which resides somewhere way high over the rainbow, and where the call to come and help planet "Terra" echoed decades ago ,are now gatherd and collected a large group of light energy beings to watch with great satisfaction and with overly joy on the most perfect transformation ever made on any of the third dimensional planets in the physical world section of the vast creation. The challenge was virtually inaccessible, or so it felt. From a dense swamp like point of location in the physical universe, where it was apparent that the light is getting dimmer and darker, untill the concern arose that the entire galaxy will shut down, a strong flux of light is now radiating and return some sparkle rays back to the sun.

It was anything but easy, the planet of 'free will' was one of the most complex experiments ever done by the planners of stars, galaxies, solar systems and paralle universes with all varieties of different forms of life stretched as far as the imagination can go.
Something else needed to be created that will challenge all creations done up till then. The starting point was kinda limited, but the recipe included all potential ingredients that could form the wonderful heaven like expensive paradise that is the true essence of the 'all there is' and which characterizes the higher realms existences. Intention was to translate the frequencies of pure and higher energies into the density of the physical.

Starting conditions included amnesia and some genetic manipulation without revealing the knowledge of the great creative and most important tool in all of the universes - free flowing energy. Take that from the beings and see how they manage... and let some other players from similiar created places with slightly better advancment intervene and by that let all physical beings grow together each in their own pace. The unknown situation of disharmony was investigated and researched thoroughly inside and out. But now, thanks to the resolute insistence of the creators of the game and their faith in the ability of the souls participating in the game to remember who they are and where they came from - the perfect reversal has occurred. It began with the revelation of free energy. It is the essence that every living soul, plants, inanimate ,spirits, cells, atoms, and much everything else in all realms is consisted of. However, In the 3D physical dense world of Terra it needed to be captured by devices, first. The process of understanding was slow and was tried and failed many times, but now the type of energy expressed in the form of consciousness has spread on this precious planet due to the reinforcement of the game with some of the creators rushing in to save their invention and experience it first hand and with some other technitians who came to assist with support.

In the pure world of harmony, far over the rainbow, the energy beings gathered and are ready to zoom in and see what has become of the beloved Terra. They themselves have no names, no physical forms and almost no individuality, they all consist of light and only a slight difference between the energy signatures that separates one form from the other, but they own a distinctive connectedness that originates from the knowledge of UNITY which is the essence of their beings.

Terra - old but new, is now a remarkable sight. Zooming in on it's location in the milky way galaxy, it's aura is a healthy radiating indigo blue, a rich color that is viewable from afar. Taking a closer look, the rugged plains and mountains can clearly be seen covered with rich coating of green vegetation. The most apparent change easily discernible to all the senses is the clean atmosphere srrounding the earth, the belt of metaphysical and physical 'dirt' has vanished, as if it was never there and instead there's a rich mixture of oxygen and CO2 due to the lush greenery and the accelerated photosynthesis process. The beings obviously look more healthy, this is evident in their body movement and their intense joy of life. There are many visitors at this time, coming with their crafts from all over, from the far out galaxies as well as from the neighboring planets such as Venus and Mars. Entry conditions to the earth's atmosphere are a certain level of consciousness and an expression of unity, and if you are qaulified to that, you are most welcome to stay and be an honored guest, so as not to upset the delicate balance and the free will of the residents who earned this via a lot of hardship. Telepathic communication can produce funny situations, especially if you are an energy being without a body, you may very well be ignored at times, no hard feelings please, it may take some time for the inhabitants to fully develop all their abilities. Their small family size crafts are often painted with the logo colors of the earth, a symbol of patriotism and a belonging to a one place. This too shall pass. In the meantime the rich biological diversity of the terrain very well makes up for any small inconvniences of this new 'free energy found and implamented' planet of rookies ;)

Re-education is the most important activity on the planet, it is up to every living soul to decide where they want to be in their growth, no pressure, but many exhibit excess enthusiasm and want to dedicate their free time to move forward, mentally, technologically and spiritually. Part of the process is having long meaningful conversations with the animals and with plant life, a big ceremony of appology was conducted and now a new way of cooperation is being formed. Trees have a rather interesting symbiosis with one another, they create intimacy through their roots, under ground, regardless of type, thickness, and the specification of every tree. It is now the inhabitant's pleasure to learn about being part of the versatile echo system. The full recovery of Terra was so successful that some new species are now developing due to the harmonious vibe of the planet, some new species of fish, insects and mammals are naturally being created. Crystal clear oceans, Azur blue in color allow a clear view down to the bottom of the sea, miles and miles in distance, because of the purity of the water and because of the enhanced vision of the residents resulted from their very fine diet.
The obvious affection between the fruit-bearing trees and shrubs and between humans produces rich fruit flavors with Intoxicating scent.

Elected officials invest their time, energy, and enjoyment in improving the living conditions of the entire population, whether they are walking on two, on four or crawling on their bellies, with the understanding that the development of one will encourage the development of the other. The new sciences are emerging at an alarming rate, and the use of levitation in construction is quite beneficial to form new lovely structures, also to disassemble whatever remained left from the old cities, as long as it's done with a group effort. A slight amusment is happening with the attempts to levitate the bodies and more often then none, men find themselves sitting in the lap of another man in a wrong calculation of the distance or in a too weak of an effort. humans of the new earth greet and treat each other in a loving and respectful manner, it is true that small arguments may revolve around the need to rain at noon time as opposed to at around night time, but a satisfactory compromise is usually achieved where rain is rained down according to the region and while one is being watered for 30 minutes to nurture the lush green vegetation, the other is 'showered' with warm and embracing sun, therefore, everyone can chose their pick.

The energy beings from the realms of pure harmony, far over the rainbow, are observing with satisfaction what's been done on the renewable planet - the beloved Terra, 'The poor toddlers' they think,' they still have a way to go, but their path has finally been found. this segment of evolution has now ended. There are always new experiences and discoveries waiting around the corner. But for us it is off to the next mission ~

4th December 2014, 17:33
A world where money isn't needed.
A world without pollution.
A world which is valued and nurtured and not damaged by people / beings who want to cause unbalance through selfishness.
A world where everyone's unique gifts and abilities are valued for what they are and nurtured and developed to help society/communities.
A world where people are neither 'poor nor rich' and where everyone and everything has what they need without hurting anything else.
A world where variety and uniqueness are welcomed and cherished, but where it is inherently understood that we are all part of something much greater wanting to experience life through different expressions of itself.
Is this really all possible in a physical 3D world? That would be amazing if it truly was.

4th December 2014, 19:50
After the wild experiment with free will, I see humans realize that as exiting as it appeared to be, it was messy and inefficient, although necessary to wake up and realize that following Divine will is the way to live in peace and harmony, with one another, the planet and its other inhabitants, which would be the equivalent of Heaven on Earth.

A Voice from the Mountains
4th December 2014, 20:05
I like this guy's visual for future buildings and cities:


4th December 2014, 20:08
I agree that free energy is essential for a balanced world no need for money or hierarchies. Since our basic needs are all taken care of we are free to pursue our passions in whatever area we choose, "free time" is valued for the experience of just being. Diversity is celebrated and when tensions arise negotiators are valued for their artistry in helping others to find common ground and respect/appreciate each other. We are free/sovereign. We can travel to other dimensions, learn to develop our psychic or other higher senses, or remain grounded on our beautiful Earth to explore her treasures. Nature is thriving, clean and beautiful, as are we. Close relationships are valued and time is respected for connections to develop whether from this planet or elsewhere. We have fun, laugh a lot. We love ourselves, each other, the Earth, the mystery/miracle,magic of life and all sentient beings.

4th December 2014, 20:09
A world where money isn't needed.


Take away the money and you take away the control.

People are mostly good at heart.

Take away their motive for being otherwise and they will show their true spirit ...


4th December 2014, 20:10
I agree that free energy is essential for a balanced world no need for money or hierarchies. Since our basic needs are all taken care of we are free to pursue our passions in whatever area we choose, "free time" is valued for the experience of just being. Diversity is celebrated and when tensions arise negotiators are valued for their artistry in helping others to find common ground and respect/appreciate each other. We are free/sovereign. We can travel to other dimensions, learn to develop our psychic or other higher senses, or remain grounded on our beautiful Earth to explore her treasures. Nature is thriving, clean and beautiful, as are we. Close relationships are valued and time is respected for connections to develop whether from this planet or elsewhere. We have fun, laugh a lot. We love ourselves, each other, the Earth, the mystery/miracle,magic of life and all sentient beings.

Oooh, I LIKE this! x

4th December 2014, 20:26
Hi Limor, "World look like!", clean, where we value Human Resources, we value Natural Resources, where we value Air, Water, Earth, Universe, Fire (purification), where "love" is lived by all.

Where Education is valued to serve in raising our standard of Well-being! Where our human satisfaction lies within raising the well-being of our fellow citizens. Where duality is a thing of the past, now we are in the paradym of "oneness" and we act accordingly.

Our Economic System has been changed such that the essence of "motivation" lies in the well-being of others, not on "profit" that wreck our lives. We need to received a spark from the Cosmos such that we put our efforts together for a challenging World.

Our Political System has changed, the essence lies with the value we put in Human Resources, Natural Resources, etc., and not on the Financial Lobby of today that wreck societies.

The best to everyone.

4th December 2014, 20:35
I want this world but free...Gaia free
free hu-mans
free animals
free energy
free plants
free minerals
free freedome
for real
OH yeeeaaahhhh!!!

Thanks and love

OH yeeeeaaahhh!!!

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Oh Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!

4th December 2014, 21:26
If we were to have the same respect for all living things we would have the foundation for a beautiful existence on this planet. It would be the answer to so many problems we have currently. We can not even truly have respect for ourselves if we are disrespectful to other living things imbued with the same life force as our own. Thank you for a wonderful thread Limor, if we cannot visualize it first, we cannot make it happen. Thoughts are things.

4th December 2014, 23:01
Another version,


5th December 2014, 02:35
I think basically we all want the same things. The money system is strangulating and so is the control system unless it is beneficent. However, if all our physical needs are satisfied, we need social interaction with other loving, intelligent beings. We need avenues of expansion for the intellect and the spirit, otherwise we shrivel and die. We need to communicate with animals, plans, others and those beyond. We were made for adventure of the heart and mind, not the stultifying restrictions of helplessness and poverty.

5th December 2014, 12:58
Love, Respect, TRUTH and HONESTY! are good start points to add I think!

Real Teaching that tells the truth to our young ones (and us older-ones for that matter)

Truth, truth, truth about who and what we are, about what we are truly capable of, about our past, about our present and our future/s, about our neighbours ! ;)

5th December 2014, 16:59
What an uplifiting thread, I just can sense the positive energy emanating from here! :)

I just want to see a world where is love, integrity, honesty and the realization that we are all one.


5th December 2014, 17:52
Thanks wind
I love the thought behind this song and who does'nt love this melody

Limor Wolf
7th December 2014, 14:42
Thank you all! this is amazing, please don't stop..

I would like our world to be in


Global consciousness, peace and harmony and heart connection between all beings, spreading to all parts of the galaxy..

Such a thing was represented in a micro cosmos in the 'Avalon spirit and essence', with the placments of the crystals around the world and the creation of a meaningful grid.

If you happened to miss it (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?71560-THE-AVALON-GRID-For-all-vicarious-mountaineers-a-little-adventure-to-share--The-Avalon-Cairn-and-now-the-Avalon-Crystal-&p=835693&viewfull=1#post835693), here is Bill Ryan's magnum opus


7th December 2014, 22:40
Happy Shiny People
Everywhere You Go

7th December 2014, 23:42
I would like to see people free of pain. I wish that each and every person in the world felt valued, lovable and significant in the unified whole of humanity. I wish each person had the courage to use their gifts with freedom, never worrying about ridicule or differences. You know that feeling when you first fall in love and think you can do absolutely anything that is necessary. You are boundaryless and expansive in good intentions and actions. You automatically shower your love and spirit on everything you come in contact with. I wish us all to have that and hold onto it as if it were a treasure of a lifetime.

Love you ALL!

Dennis Leahy
8th December 2014, 01:58
My first thought is that what I would like the world to look like should be the result of an awakening process: of the expansion of our love, compassion, and consciousness.

Imagine that we are all exactly as we are right now, and ***whoosh!*** someone waves a magic wand and creates a new reality for us, without our realizing that we need it and without us collectively asking for it and co-creating it.

On, the other hand, imagine that a percentage of us expand our selves (expand our love, compassion, and consciousness) and that our example triggers the process of expansion in those that we interact with, and they in turn trigger the expansion in others... until we break through the threshold. Now, we have "skin in the game", we went through a journey and a process to arrive at our state of being: now we're ready to co-create what will ultimately appear as if a magic wand was waved.

How we get to that future matters. I believe we need to experience the transition into it, to "earn" it experientially (so that it will be real for us.)

(maybe I'll make another post, later, to describe that next phase of interaction and development - that is, to answer your actual question with my opinion/vision)


8th December 2014, 02:55
Food, shelter, medicines and education for all.
No more racism.
Accountability when there is abuse of power.
No mor genital mutilation.
No more superstitions.
No more door locks nor wrought iron bars on windows.
No more pollution.
Healthy vibrant communities everywhere, with neighbors offering mutual assistance.
100% nuclear disarmament.

14th December 2014, 03:14
This was just posted elsewhere (at http://ducielalaterre.org), and it describes a future earth. This was given in French and translated into English. I rather like this vision, where some beings come and show Monique Mathieu a book that holds pages - some blank, some filled in.

Now he is showing me 2012, written in large letters.

“In the collective unconscious, that date had great importance; a very large part of Humanity gave energy to this date because unconsciously humans know. The human conscience being connected to its destiny, in general, and globally, the human being knows where he must go. Through his soul and the collective consciousness he knows what is asked of him but he does not always have, at least for the moment, the capacity to really go where he must go or to hear what he must hear.

Therefore, for the collective consciousness, 2012 was a very important year because it brought to you many Beings of Light not belonging to this world, Beings who descended to aid in the great shifting over, to the change of dimension that is operating.

Of course, human beings, with their usual impatience, would have liked the changes to take place in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, for changes to really be effective it takes hundreds, even thousands of years and cycles are necessary. The difference with the ancient cycles is that now all is going to accelerate because you are changing dimension and you have considerable aid to take you to the new dimensions.

The aid is given you in the deepest part of yourselves, aid is given you from the planes of Light, and aid is given you by us who come towards you.”

Now he is turning some more pages. On one page I see an enormous sun and beside it I see a second sun not as large.

I know that the pages turned very quickly because he does not want to show me what I did not want to see.

Now, he is showing me another page. I do not see the date because there is no date, the date no longer being current. However that of the new cycle could be: year 1.

“It is the year when men will have understood, the year where the sun that you saw will shine differently in the sky of the Earth and also in the deepest heart of men.”

Now he is showing me another page. On this page, I see human beings. I see cities of very small dimension. What is interesting is that I see many of these constructions in the form of a dome and types of grand terraces where vessels are found.

The communication between the Earth and the other worlds is now definitively established. Human beings living in this world have found their brothers who live on other planets. There are exchanges between the people.

The vessels can take one from one place to another on the Earth but also from one planet to another and well beyond. They are very luminous and there is a golden color around them, as if their coating was of this color. There are several forms.

I now see some beings that are not far from these vessels; they are much taller than human beings; the size is almost double.

The pages of the book turn and I see a marvelous nature. All lives in harmony. In the animal world there are no harmful species.

I see absolutely marvelous country sides and what I feel in my body and in my soul is above all serenity. The beings that live in this new world have no idea what fear is or stress, or that which corresponds to all the inferior vibratory frequencies.

“Imagine, brothers of the Earth, a world where fear no longer exists, where there are no more illnesses, where there is no more stress, where there is no more duality, where there is no more competition, where man works in respect for all that surrounds him, in the Love of life!”

Now I am seeing many white pages and he is telling me:

“It is up to men to fill up as best as possible all of the pages that you see.

We have not shown you all the pages of the book between 2012, the period in which you live and the periods that will follow. There will also be more white pages and it will be up to you to fill them. Try to fill them as best as possible with what you are, with what you will become. Have awareness of all the faculties that will open up in you.

However, be careful, there is a reality and an illusion of reality. In this world that is in the process of being re-born unto itself, in the world where human beings are awakening, there are tricks of the ego and also tricks from the inferior planes that are still active in this world.

So you, Light Workers, Seekers of Truth, be more and more vigilant, because if you are not you will surely be somewhat blocked, and perhaps also slowed down in your evolution.

Do not seek what has not yet been revealed to you! What you are and your capacities will be revealed to you when you are ready. If you wish to go too fast, you will be in error because you will be tricked by the ego or the inferior planes of the astral.

We are warning you because humanity is living a very particular period of great transition, of great upsets, but a marvelous period.”