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5th December 2014, 13:43
A "Multi Crew Purpose Vehicle"

Half way through the 4 hour mission just now:

First flight through the Van Allan belt in over 42 years (1972):


Will touch down in the Pacific in a couple hours. Cool Stuff!!

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Live footage.. with live camera views coming up shortly.....


5th December 2014, 13:52

5th December 2014, 13:58
Living on the West coast of Florida, I was able to see the reddish, yellow glint in the eastern sky at 7:06am. I made my girls watch with me, just as my Mom made me watch black and white tv footage in the late 60's.

I told my 13 year old... in 20 years, when you have kids, and they land on Mars, you'll be able to tell them you saw the first flight with your parents...

5th December 2014, 14:11
Just finished the second stage burn above Guyana, South America..
Reaching the 3,630 mile peak soon. Going through the VA belt in minutes.
Cameras off on the way up through the belt, then cameras on, coming down through the belt.

Instruments will provide live coverage of the amount of radiation involved going through both times.

5th December 2014, 14:41
The chief engineer on this historic project is (gratefully) a woman: Julie Kramer White


5th December 2014, 14:45
Nasa reports that the craft’s avionics and shielding experienced “zero effects” from radiation as it passed through the Van Allen belt on the way up.

5th December 2014, 16:15
Hmm, not sure I'd call it a new era in space travel. I wonder what GoodET would call it?

5th December 2014, 17:06
Dec 22, 1960 - First launch of unmanned Mercury capsule.


54 Years Later

Dec 5, 2014 - First launch of unmanned Orion capsule.


(Oh, excuse me. They call it a "Spacecraft" now!)

Amazing progress! :sarcastic:

5th December 2014, 18:46
there must be a reason , besides the one we are told ... over 40 years and now they do this , they retired the shuttle program , yet now they speak of Mars , and traveling in space ...they could be building a cover story for their Mars bases and activities ... I suspect they've conquered the Van Allen belt long ago ... now they need a veil to hide their deeds of how they did what they did ... its exciting none the less , we should have been conquering space long ago ... meeting the neighbors officially and gaining some much needed help and knowledge and spiritual growth of how to live and be in balance with your planet and other civilizations ...

7th December 2014, 13:23
Awesome..but dont forget the secret space program which is WAY more advanced than this.

7th December 2014, 17:39
There is another (NASA) thread on this topic: 5 Dec 2014 - Successful Launch of Orion Heralds First Step on Journey to Mars (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?77710-5-Dec-2014-Successful-Launch-of-Orion-Heralds-First-Step-on-Journey-to-Mars)

I think it is very healthy to be skeptical about this all ...
There were already many doubts that a Saturn V rocket could reach the moon. This thing looks even smaller ...