View Full Version : Eric Holder called on his bull**** by Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee

Maia Gabrial
6th December 2014, 15:46
Here's a sheriff at this press conference calling Eric Holder on his BS. Outstanding!

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It's refreshing to hear a public
official stand up publicly call
Eric Holder on his endless BS.



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Attorney General Eric Holder is a Wall Street lawyer. That's how he made his money and it's sure going to be how he makes his money when he retires from screwing the public. Holder had two jobs: 1) attack the Second Amendment with the ATF Gun Runner fraud which was run out of his office and 2) make sure his clients on Wall Street did not go to jail or even get indicted. His third job appears to be race baiter which this sheriff called him on. - See more at: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/law-enforcement-corruption--abuse-1/eric-holder-called-on-his-bull****-.html#sthash.pwbym1R1.dpuf

9th December 2014, 02:56
I like this guy, and you know there are hundreds if not thousands other sheriffs that feel the same way but wont dare speak up, we need people like this in office.