View Full Version : Councils really prepare for zombie attacks

Nick Matkin
7th December 2014, 14:43
Not sure which section to post this. I think there was a thread containing a secret videoing of some local government department briefing a select team on their zombie preparation. I can't find the thread right now.

Anyway, I think I've found confirmation.

Well while out late one night in the barren outskirts of a UK city, I surreptitiously snapped this image. No one saw me.

It's not too clear, (click on image for expanded view), but the van actually says "Zombie Response". I guess they just hadn't quite parked it through the well-disguised adjacent double doors.

WTF are they planning for? How many other vans are hidden in my and other cities?



7th December 2014, 14:46
Well, Black friday (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2852585/Mayhem-Black-Friday-begins-Shoppers-clash-supermarkets-trying-grab-bargains-Boots-Game-Curry-s-PC-world-websites-crash-thousands-start-hunt-Christmas-deals.html) has already passed, so...

7th December 2014, 15:07
The whole zombie craze thats being pushed lately has had me wondering for awhile what it could mean. It's definately a zombies are bad ideology. So what "makes" a zombie? Well perhaps certain people can be "made" into "zombies". With mind control tech as it is now who knows? They could target certain "undesirables" and boom there's your "zombie".

Nick Matkin
7th December 2014, 15:10
Not sure how many they can get into a van that size. Maybe it's just carrying the 'Termination Equipment' and the clear-up team follow in a bigger vehicle with body bags and stuff...


7th December 2014, 15:18

...just avoid the Zmapp (putting zombies on the map) injections and we will be just fine ;)

oh, and ignore vans with this sign...


7th December 2014, 15:29
it's their van. No conspiracy. Do a "little" bit of research before posting crap on the forum.

Nick Matkin
7th December 2014, 15:34
it's their van. No conspiracy. Do a "little" bit of research before posting crap on the forum.

Now you've gone and spoilt it. And it only took six posts! :)


7th December 2014, 16:15
K so the fact still remains why this "zombie agenda" media campaign is being pushed. My son plays plants vs zombies on ipad and for a free download it has several games within games built into it. You can tell the time and effort that went intomaking this game. This zombie crap is in their back pocket for something.

7th December 2014, 16:31
People here don't post crap, they post what they see and are asking for answers. So glad I wasn't your child. There are new people here that are anxious to find answers. Do you think that type of response was necessary or encouraging for them?
Being nice, doesn't cost us anything here.

7th December 2014, 18:01
There may be a misunderstanding here. I was not referring to the OP's post as crap. Let me make that clear. I was duped just as perhaps others were. This thread just brought about me questioning the zombie "campaign" going on is all. I don't know. Maybe I look beyond things too much.

7th December 2014, 18:08
Sorry Nick, didn't mean to me come across harsh. But as I'm sure you know, people get into a habit of posting any old thing they see and asking others for answers before using their own brain.

As regards helping newbies find answers, i'm all for it and that's why I'm here too. But I do think that this is a forum for thinking individuals, and was "encouraging" nick to do some research first before posting. I'd hate to see this platform descend into something like 'Before It's News' where any old ****e gets posted.

As for my son, he's 6. He's smarter than most people I work with, and I'm an engineer. He's also the happiest kid I know, and despite not having his head filled with rubbish, he still has an amazing imagination.

NICK, maybe down the road we'll all meet up for pints and laugh about all the madness going on. First pint will be on me.

Nick Matkin
8th December 2014, 09:23
Well I didn't really think anyone here would have been taken in by a grainy photo and a bit of waffle simply because:

1) No one would believe we really do live with the threat of a Zombie Apocalypse
2) No one would believe that even if we did, local governments would have a Zombie Apocalypse Hit Squad
3) And if they did have such a squad, no one would believe they would have it plastered all over their vans and park them in public!

Anyone familiar with my posts will know that I am sceptical of many subjects and frequently point out an alternative explanation.

If I'd seen my OP written by someone else, I'd probably have written something similar to LoneWoolf's post 6. Then realized it was just a wind up!

Yes LoneWolf, a pint and a laugh would be great...


PS: There really is a covert video recording of some US local government meeting where they discuss a plan, and the accompanying thread suggests it is to deal with zombies, although the word "zombie" isn't heard in the video. Just someone's runaway imagination I guess. I can't find it on PA, so maybe it is on some other forum...