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9th December 2014, 02:56
Part 1

The soul is the magnetic imprint of the body/mind upon ones spirit, or spiritual/aetheric/magnetic body of light, and therefore can be influenced, controlled, and even entrapped through magnetic law. Each one of the energy fields, or seven rays of life, of our bodies projects a subtle magnetic energy. Each one having its own positive and negative fields, and is not only interconnected with ones spirit, but also their bodies, minds, and surrounding universe. Through magnetic law, we are either attracted or repelled to other magnetic objects whether seen, or unseen. Subtle magnetic energies emit light, and carry a frequency. These magnetic light frequencies can and do effect our entire beings, and are further influenced by the planets and nearby constellations in this arm of our galaxy. Its all connected... of course. Even down to our DNA there is a frequency, and an emission of subtle light, even a magnetic law.

Part 2

At the center of our Earth is a frequency, and every planet, moon, and star has one. There is also a center of gravity that emits a frequency at the very center in between two planets, or a planet and its moon. There is even a center of gravity in between our planet and the Sun, and at this center there is a magnetic frequency. Wherever there is a center of gravity, there is an emission of light from its magnetic frequency no matter how subtle. A binary star system would also have a center of gravity in between the two stars, and their accompanying planets, and moons too.

I propose that this would be an excellent way to map a star system for traveling in the realm of light... No one wants to end up at the center of any planet or star, but if we could map the frequencies that are in between the two planetary objects... just a thought...

I do believe that we are interconnected with these frequencies, and that we are all a part of the magnetic law of light. Thank you for reading:)

17th December 2014, 20:58
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If i remember correctly
I think it was Keshe who mentioned that there is a center of gravity between not just stars, moons and planets but objects also. He said that was how Iran was able to guide the American drone safely to land in Iran. Using the center of gravity between the drone and earth and pulling it in with his technology.

Thank you for the thread.