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9th December 2014, 15:30

07 Dec 2014 09:52 | Written by Kerry Cassidy

A word about the Australian press.. they have to act like you are crazy before they can take you seriously...

I was interviewed by a new magazine on the Australian scene,...something on the order of VICE or DETAILS...

The title of the article reads:

"KERRY CASSIDY ON SUPERSOLDIERS, ALIEN VISITORS AND GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACIES...One of the internet's most out-there conspiracy theorists..."

Yes the truth is out there...

An unfortunate photo and they got the name "Phil Schneider" wrong... I didn't! The interview was short and conducted via cell phone. They literrally just printed the straight Q&A's with no real comment.. just as well.

On another note I was also interviewed by some semi-mainstream radio show there that did a smear campaign on me and my whistleblowers.. got tons just wrong and also made a point of questioning my sanity. Triple J National Radio. They didn't do their homework and it shows. Next time, try watching some of my interviews before attacking the messenger!



9th December 2014, 16:21
It's really called "Sneaky" [i thought "sneaky" was kind of a comment by Jacko]!
That should have told Kerry something about them beforehand...