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14th December 2014, 22:42
Tagore ,the Indian poet, wrote in a letter of 25 December 1920, while he was visiting New York: "Christmas... But where's the Christmas spirit in human hearts ? Men and women eat up rare dishes and loud laughter.There is not the slightest sense of the eternal deep in their gaiety nor the luminous serenity of joy and depth of devotion...

The people of the West grew rich , but they killed the poetry of existence ... they abuse their souls by simulacra,and then to hide that fact to themselves, they artificially maintain the value of the counterfeit money."

Now,more than ever, it is still perfectly valid. The holidays have lost their first spiritual sense ,they have become the " fake money " as much of our present life on Earth. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the link made ​​between Tagore "poetry of life " and the " sense of the eternal " because it reminds us that they are connected.

The return to core values ​​is essential for those who want to find the true meaning of his life. "What is wrong will not last forever," this is what we remember,the little voice that awakens in us to Christmas.


For me, each year, Christmas is less about, gifts, parties and TV, and more about time reflecting and resting, enjoying Christmas music, a get a lot of time by myself and with my family.

So, one, simple question: Your Reflections on the meaning of Christmas this Year of 2014?

14th December 2014, 23:36
the depth of the peace that descends upon after 25th the material maddness-may it expand