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18th December 2014, 22:43

this is what the world needs more of... its the thought and action that counts in my book

what is your intention?

18th December 2014, 23:03
And this...


18th December 2014, 23:31

I have my own "free car" story - in fact my "fake" wife (common-law) just also recently was given a free car; so I have two free, immaculate condition vehicles that have been given to me and my family, and now that I am a little better off and looking for a newer car, I can't wait to give the one I was given away to someone for free! Its still in pretty good shape!

If people want to change the world this is how to do it. People really are eager to "pass it on" when they have been given some love by another person - especially a stranger - so let's not just feel good about these stories, let's keep the free spirited goodness flowing - you can't receive without giving from a philosophical standpoint. :)

19th December 2014, 00:45
i also recieved a free vehicle... when i did, i gave mine away to my friend, who was struggling, with a new born... makes the world turn you know...?!

20th December 2014, 04:12
Before the scientist discovers
The poet knows


22nd December 2014, 00:51

people being people....

22nd December 2014, 03:10

people being people....

thats good... all that summer scandal of nfl is paying off :DDDD

23rd December 2014, 01:21

people being people

9th January 2015, 16:21

23rd July 2015, 14:24
an american man offering shoes to a poor brazilian child
https://scontent-atl1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xft1/v/t1.0-9/11742759_528728157283135_2474726425620516221_n.jpg ?oh=00b056c8f779d1a085355cc9b0433f97&oe=565BD9FA

police man risks his life to save a suicidal woman
https://scontent-atl1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xft1/v/t1.0-9/11745682_528729497283001_3206690648443730351_n.jpg ?oh=bb7eeb6851aad1d13093a69ad9963e57&oe=56114DCE

https://scontent-atl1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/11752622_528728793949738_7425631033797875456_n.jpg ?oh=7a3babb62e962f464ce3c9a2ac5b76b2&oe=56440EF2

In Lak'ech Ala Kin

3rd August 2015, 15:20

On Saturday, a caravan of 9 buses was traveling back from a children’s summer camp through the city of Abakan, the capital of the Khakassia Republic in southern Siberia when a cop—who is now being hailed as a hero—did the unthinkable.

Aleksandr Kosolapov, a Russian police officer, was accompanying the convoy of approximately 300 children when a reckless driver in the opposite lane began to veer into the path of the kids. As the onrushing Toyota Caldina, which was accelerating at a dangerously high speed, inched closer across the dividing line and ultimately into the wrong lane on the Abakan-Ak-Dovurak highway, Officer Kosolapov knew he had a decision to make—and he had to make it without hesitation.

Without regard for his own life, the 39-year-old man, who was entrusted to escort the busloads of children back home without injury, swerved his Ford Focus patrol car in-between the lead bus and the out-of-control vehicle. The calculated but devastating collision left both vehicles completely totaled and the officer with serious injuries.

‘The officer quickly assessed the situation and risking his own life, he managed to prevent a head-on collision,’ said Khakassian police. “As a result of the massive collision the patrol car was literally turned into a pile of metal. According to the experts, it’s a miracle the police officer is still alive.”

Officer Kosolapov is now conscious and in stable condition...

3rd August 2015, 15:34
I don't have the link, but I remember seeing a video of some men rescuing a woman from a burning apartment. It was a horribly dangerous situation, and the men did not know the woman, but they risked their lives to save her.

3rd August 2015, 15:42
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for another..." (bible, John 15:13)

Once many years ago I laid down my life for two brothers. I left my body and did not return for several days, but came back into it "trailing clouds of glory", singing constantly from joy. These wonderful people who lay down their lives for another do so without thought for self. From my experience, great is their reward.

Thank you all for putting such wonderful stories and thoughts here to lift up our spirits. You bless us all by pointing out the good, the better, and the best.

3rd August 2015, 15:46

people being people

From the link given above:
Three years ago Andre McDonnell, a manager at the high-end SoHo store, Atrium, was playing basketball with friends in a downtown Manhattan park. McDonnell found a homeless man nearby without shoes, and in an act of extreme kindness, McDonnell provided the stranger with his fresh dunks, left feeling the gravel under his bare feet. Since then, McDonnell has become the founder of It’s From the Sole, a non-profit organization that has donated nearly 5,000 sneakers to the homeless in NYC—oftentimes collectable Adidas and Nike sneakers, and even a couple pair of size 14 dunks from Carmelo Anthony himself.

McDonnell works alone, paying out-of-pocket to refurbish shoes that have been donated—unwanted and out-of-date. And spending nearly 15 hours per week (on top of his day job), the charitable “angel” does not plan to stop. He’s even expanded his givings to “sweater saturday” and “pillow day,” hoping to eventually travel state-to-state, country-to-country, providing to the people who need, not want.

4th August 2015, 13:43
May God reward their generosity!

https://scontent-atl1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/s720x720/11214189_857038667712514_7059410930733196550_n.jpg ?oh=95966339beecda5d9695419e5fff759f&oe=563F1FF7

9th August 2015, 22:51

this is what the world needs more of... its the thought and action that counts in my book

what is your intention?

This is a beautiful story - so simple and so elegant at the same time. It is the simple acts of everyday people that build this world. Thanks for sharing!

9th August 2015, 22:58
May God reward their generosity!

https://scontent-atl1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/s720x720/11214189_857038667712514_7059410930733196550_n.jpg ?oh=95966339beecda5d9695419e5fff759f&oe=563F1FF7

I am so heartened to see that this story is going viral. It shows that people are willing to witness the generosity of others instead of focusing on the greed. Mash'allah! (May God preserve) Thank you Lightening23 :star:

6th October 2015, 01:31

i shed a tear

6th October 2015, 19:02


6th October 2015, 23:19
There's this guy, James. A native guy that hangs out near the beer store begging occasionally. I most often don't give to street beggars, but I do have other styles of helping that I utilize much more readily, but today I decided to stop and talk to him, So I asked his name, "James" he responded.

"You have a toonie?" (name for a $2 Canadian coin - yup true story) he asked.

"What do you need, food? have a starving kid at home?", perhaps with just a hint of facetiousness, eagerly waiting to hear the creative lie ...

"Nope", he said with shame in his eyes, "I just want to get a pack of smokes and a beer if I can get enough."

"Here's $2 James, you have a gift", I said, "you are an honest person, even when, in some cases, lying might get you want more easily. That is a gift, please don't change and good luck with your smokes an beer."

"I won't sir!" he called out as I left.

I always feel compelled to reward someone for who they are, as opposed to what situation they are in. I think supporting one another's values and integrity is an important but lost art; we get to caught up in the judgemental nitpicking far too often.

20th October 2015, 23:47

people helping people

28th October 2015, 14:27
9-Year-Old Activist Packs 100 Bags With Food For The Homeless Every Week! (http://amazyble.com/inspiring/9-year-old-activist-packs-100-bags-with-food-for-the-homeless-every-week/)


28th October 2015, 14:33
i almost posted that here, guess i see now why i didn't...

30th October 2015, 02:11
Touching moment a Sikh man breaks strict religious protocol and removes his turban to help save life of a five-year-old boy who was hit by a car (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3084923/The-touching-moment-Sikh-man-breaks-strict-religious-protocol-removes-turban-help-save-life-five-year-old-boy-seriously-injured-hit-car.html)

30th October 2015, 03:43
This is common amongst turban wearing folk, by the way. As someone who has worn a turban for 31 years i can definitively say that it is exactly in "protocol" to use a turban to help others. I used mine as a rope in more than one life saving situation.

Thank goodness I don't belong to a religion, though I could, by my living and connection with the SiriGuruGranth, be identified as a GurSikh.

Identity as a human serving others is much more effective and not cluttered with "Me", the 'open, caring man in the turban', surprisingly 'not like many others with turbans', as I have often been told. I must say that most with the outward identity of religious clothing are, whether by intention or ignorance, hiding in plain sight, using the identity as a means not to communicate on the level of the heart.....I just happen(ed) to be quite the opposite thinking that there contained in that identity the duty to connect on and into others conditions. It surely pissed off a lot of sikhs and disappointed others who i had talked with when they found out that most sikhs didn't want to be disturbed. Heaven knows , I was born disturbed. Why not ruffle as many prejudices as possible.

Very few live the essence of the original loving identity anyway.....Kinda sad, very sad since it feels so good wearing one....however it is completely lost in this little messed up world.

A bit off topic, but in my case and those close to me, it is exactly what this thread is about, humanity. It is far beyond any religious identity, creed, or distinct political outlook.

Love has no color, nor form, nor is it possible to color anything but your humanity with it. And then again it is contained in all form and color and expression of what we find worthy in this world.

14th November 2015, 15:23

this is what im talking bout

18th January 2016, 03:44

Last Saturday, a disabled 79-year-old man called dispatchers saying he hadn’t eaten in two days and was hungry. The 911 call was a last resort for the elderly man, but it was answered by a group of police officers of Mt. Pleasant in Tennessee.

WKRN News reports that a group of the station’s officers showed up at the hungry man’s door with several bags full of groceries.

Reportedly, they spent $160 of their own money to make sure the man had enough food in his kitchen to last him a month.

Said Nathan Bolton, one of the officers:

“I think he was shocked at the amount of food that we bought and just the fact that it was there without question.”

When one of the pictures of the officers stocking the man’s cabinets was posted on Facebook, the country was made aware of the men’s good deed.

28th January 2016, 22:38

this made me cry.....

30th January 2016, 14:07
Me as well thunder, such incredible acts of bravery, compassion and kindness shown. Thank you.

30th January 2016, 15:09
I sobbed. These are my people who know life is sacred! Well done all.

The perversions wrought in the world have twisted mankind to harm and kill - but this is NOT what we truly are. I know mankind is incredible.
Thank you for posting this.

Think how the world would change if we were fed a daily diet of good examples. How it would clear our vision.

2nd February 2016, 15:06
Some may have been aware of a retiring policeman in Marietta, Ohio, who wanted to keep his K-9 partner. But police regulations were that the trained dog had to be auctioned, and had set its value at $3500 US. The retiring officer had offered to buy the dog, because they have been constant companions for years and was part of his family. This situation was put on social media, and there was tremendous support and money was sent in, even from Canada, Australia and the UK. $50,000 was raised, and will be donated to charitable works.

But the point of my post, is how SUPPORT for a person in one aspect of their life can lift up that person so that he sees he is not alone, and in turn, can become a greater blessing for all others around him. You see this in the retired police officer's own words here:

Today, Feb 2/2016, CNN news reported that the department had found a way to satisfy their regulations, and have appointed the retiring officer as an auxiliary office and thus can keep the dog. ... "Hickey says the situation has changed him. "I kind of retired wanting to be a hermit and left alone because I worked the midnight shift since '96 and I was jaded, but now I am a changed man because of the support," he told CNN."


3rd February 2016, 03:58