View Full Version : Polar Vortex Restarted, Weather Warfare on Europe, 12 21 2014

22nd December 2014, 23:30
PEpfFtbKyNAAfter three weeks of no detectable Haarp activity in the Pacific, the SBX Haarp transmitters have been turned back on, and are holding a persistent high pressure, off the coast of California. For the previous three weeks, the Pacific jetstream was left alone, and the natural jetstream brought rain into California (even though the aerosol spraying has been extremely heavy.)

23rd December 2014, 00:03
For the naysayers this guy is the one to share. He shows visually with a synopsis that's easy to grasp and points out using an official NOAA site that anyone can access and see actual footage of contrails(as they would have you believe) that are responsible for the manipulation of these weather patterns.

23rd December 2014, 05:06
He said its an act of weather warfare against Europe that has to do with the $ collapse. Now I presume he believes that the UK and Germany are somehow instrumental in this happening and factions in the US are retaliating!?

31st December 2014, 20:38
This video shows how the SBX-type ionospheric heaters are being used in the eastern Pacific, to drag cold air, down into the USA. At the same time, warm air is being pushed into Alaska, which is accelerating the melting of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf

12th January 2015, 02:54
the latest harrp report is a shocker even for those who are following and understand how the weather is manipulated. Methane leaking is also talked about in Danes Wigington's vids . Whats explained in this clip leaves one really scratching the head wanting to know if this could be for real as it does leave questions to be answered. Are there any Meteorologists who may explain this scenario away as natural or is this more fear porn ? who knows but do we have the luxury to not wonder what it is that's taking place. Who may these entities be pulling these strings of the manipulation? uZJA39cm15U