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Jan Rodrigo
6th April 2010, 21:01
Looking for information on the outside could be our downfall.

Information we all search for the truth it feels like it is in bedded in our very minds, a sense of need built in all of us for this complete understanding for clarity of soul . All who are searching on these forums , entering here consciousness for balance in their minds they want to know the big question what on earth is going on. Just when you feel like youíre there, more information seems to widen the picture. Some things resonate in your soul but yet dose not completely feel right ,but its resonating how can this be ahah - so confusing .people are talking about love yet they get angry with each other trying to make people choose whoís right and whoís wrong when in truth itís all personal. There is no wrong or right just another soulís script in the movie of the illusionary world we live in. Here in my soul Iím feeling this is going against free well - all beingís are in entitled to believe what they want.

Forums full of information true and false ,whistle blowers telling the truth and lies ,forums created for good and bad - oh my, itís already hurting my head! How can we ever come to the sense of knowing when we all continue to search amongst all of this confusion. A lot of us are unhappy with the world around us feeling that things are not right, but when given the opportunity to do something ask yourself this, would you get up from behind your computers and go make a difference or prefer to talk about it and complain saying people need to wake up to what is going on. I mean I feel that if thatís the attitude maybe these people are not as awake as they think. I mean I myself know if I put as much effort in trying to organize something that would help to do something about these things I was not happy about , as I spend talking about on this forum there are hours of free time. I mean just ask your selfís be honest do you take enough action or do you spend a lot of time discussing what should happen?

I now have decided to put less time into these forums continuously searching and reading for guidance. Iíve promised myself Iím going to do more work in making a difference with action or so Iím going to spend more time going into myself for answers for there are no lies or untruth there. All we would ever need to know is there. I mean not saying Iím never coming on forums because that would be lying to my self but Iím feeling more balance is needed between action and discussion. Amongst all this confusion of lies and truth ask yourself, dose information end in or movies of life or is it infinite like you or the end of our universe is beyond our 3d minds to comprehend something with no end. Why would we ever have questions about anything when deep within we hold the keys to any questions?Maybe we have not learnt to look in ourselves properly, not spent enough time going into ourselves and asking this is a feeling Iím getting. Any way all my love to you all
Jan rodrigo

frank samuel
6th April 2010, 21:31
Good for you Jan, congratulations !!! YES the truth you seek in reality is not found in the web , is found within yourself. I have thrown away all my collections of books. At least for me the answers are always found within. After all there's an invisible cognitive highway of infinite information. In order to make sense of it you have to search within, if not I think this information can hurt you more than it can help you.
The perfect example is our forum while many talk about Love as soon as you step in each others toes love goes out the window, hey is the human condition of spiritual growth and development. That is why I decided to look within for my answers and become that which I know we can all be, multidimensional beings who can transcend beyond our defensive emotional mode. None of us are perfect and overall this is a wonderful community and I truly care for each person here. As you said words have to be put into practice, it is there that you know for a fact that they mean something to you in your world.
Jan my friend I wish for you the best in all your endeavors specially your journey of self discovery.

Many many blessings to you and your love ones...:):thumb::wub:

6th April 2010, 21:53
I agree with you Jan
Some years back I got into counting earth quakes, solar storms. volcanic eruption, earth change sites, maps of future earth, the works.
Thankfully I got into over load and realised I was getting concerned about things I could do nothing about.
I read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and I saw what was really important was my personal spiritual vibration, I began to read Dr David Hawkins about attractor fields in his book "Power vs Force".
One way of looking at is as though God is a massive electro magnetic field pervading everything and that we are also electro magnetic with our own unique vibrtion sening out an attractor field of our own attracting all that we vibrate at the same frequency with.
The lower the vibration the more negativity we bring into our lives, the higher the vibration the more good stuff.
In other words you get more of what you think about, in other words we are creating our own personal world.
Meditation raise the vibration bringing more peace into our lives.
The internal search is very practical and I would say essential at this time.
One starts to realise that one is not the body not the me, so much more than that and that there is no such thing as death only a series of times in embodiment.
Once there is no fear of death, there is no fear of anything.
If I "died" tomorrow it would be okay with me as I know I would off some where else on another adventure. Mind you I would not want a painful or messy death.
I have no memory of past lives but I think It is likely I have died many time already so its no big deal.
I had been on the spiritual path forty years but got a bit jaded, these books re awakened my enthusiasm for the inner search,
because the information was fresh modern, even though it is the same truth.
Hawkins goes into the spiritual in a scientific way using Quantum mechanics in part to validate his subjective experience as a mystic.
science is proving the existence of God.
I love scientific evidence though the spiritual realm is not really provable but it can be experienced by everyone in meditation,
thats were the real evidence of what you are lies.
I believe you have a Higher self which will guide you to be wherever you are supposed to be in any future event.
I would like to see at beautiful peaceful world, it here NOW, we just dont see it yet.
The more people who get into the inner search the more chance we have of raising the collective vibration and all seeing our "new" earth.
With love

6th April 2010, 23:03
My opinion as well, Jan!

I hope nobody takes it the wrong way, but at times I feel like we're all in this next Monthy Python scene:

5P2jJdrz9bY&feature=related :madgrin:

We (Jan and me) tried to introduce some 'action of intent', but there was not too much response. I started a new thread, but the only response I got was by the same Mr. Bean that started it (:confused:).

I don't feel like posting much anymore, but rather focuss on what I can do in 3-D? I work with (Frank's) solfeggios and am fabricating a cloudbuster and pyramid to energize food and all. Everyday I focuss on 'Clear Loving Skies' (this morning was unbelievably clear!!!).

At this moment in my life I sense a kind of equanimity, often accompanied by a big smile on my face. I try to use my energy and focus on beautiful intentions/things, while still being connected with some of the versions of reality (although much less). I feel it's due to getting more connected to the inside and acting more in the outside world (according to the lessons learned from mostly the inside)...

A friend of mine told me whenever he was on a tram or bus with a lot of negative vibrations, he imagines a big hole in the vehicles' floor which is connected to a vacuum cleaner sucking all of this negativity into the earth where it is being transformed. I laughed my bottom off and told him I would try to do the same... while also adding beauty to replace the heavy stuff (this time it would come through the speakers or ventilation system of the tram/bus ;)).

Wanted to write some more... but basically that's it, so me basta for now!

Love & :wave:

7th April 2010, 08:10
http://rlv.zcache.com/the_way_is_not_in_the_sky_the_way_is_in_the_heart_ card-p137197810166319071q0yk_400.jpg

meditation works for me, every day some time to reach understanding and clarity
love m x

7th April 2010, 09:44
Hi Jan

I feel there has to be a balance between the two. Information to fill up the gaps in our knowledge is necessary and it can be of service to those that have recently awakenend and are in the process of finding what is what

But doing things like keeping our frequency high, gridkeeping, meditating, exploring the inner worlds etc is paramount too


7th April 2010, 12:37
Great post Jan.:thumb: I totally agree but you already know that.:wink: What amazes me about you is that you actually practice what you ‘preach’ – great example to the rest of us. Looking forward to what you’ll do next. x

7th April 2010, 13:03
o!!!!!!! How i agree

someone said it

and you jan said it

so well ...............

way to go good ....on on yer

jan .... Thanks for this thread ..

Jacqui D
7th April 2010, 13:25
I agree to an extent Jan and i can see that you have become like many, who have done the ground work learnt much and come back to square one where you have reached the point where you can now say " Oh this is about me, within myself i have this amazing knowledge all i have to do now is listen to my inner being" i have reached this stage also and whilst i agree all the reading and studying that one does, all that really counts is that you learn what is within you,this is far more important than anything you can be told or learnt.
Having said that my journey of searching has opened my eyes to things i would never have believed if this knowledge had not come to me via this way.
The journey of self knowledge opens up a whole new world and some like to help others along their journey also, whilst i see many who have not awakened and some who are on the path of being awakened, i have had to pull back many times and think am i helping or hindering.
I know my journey is only at the beginning,those who say they know all would be giving false information because only one source knows all.
So are we helping others in giving the knowledge we have accumulated or are we off loading more than they need.
I do believe there are ones who are here today on Earth who have come to help with those who need it, i do not favour channelling i have always been sceptical about who these are actually getting there knowledge from, and there is a lot of misinformation out there.
Because the internet has become a vast outlet for this type of information people have become the repeaters of others work.
In my heart i truly believe we all hold the key to this,but do worry that our true path of re connection and alignment to Earth's grids have now been made impossible for us to be who and what we really are in the way of spirituality and brothers and sisters of the cosmos. This is something i am working on now from within me.
So regarding the point you wished to make Jan about posting and enlightening you could be right but we still have to try to help others it may be just one word uttered but that one word could start some ones mind thinking, the first seed of thought which is sown for the person to awaken

7th April 2010, 21:08
Jan, which browser do you use? FYI, Firefox 2.0 (or above) has inline spell checking.

7th April 2010, 21:36
Please dont change your spelling jan

keep me company .....

i love the way you spell

its is clear what your saying

and i belive that english

spelling is nuts.....

who is to say eh!!!!!!

politicly incorrect .............

Jacqui D
7th April 2010, 22:27
I agree rhythm, to point such a thing out is demeaning! i make loads of mistakes the purpose is behind the meaning of ones words not how it is spelt!

8th April 2010, 08:18
Why worry. Im dyslexic so I use spell check but sometimes I dont see the red line, Winston Churchill was dyslexic It litearlily means word blindness,
Dont think Jan is concerned that some one s trying to b helpful.
Though I think its nice you guys express concern.
With Love

8th April 2010, 08:18
Why worry. Im dyslexic so I use spell check but sometimes I dont see the red line, Winston Churchill was dyslexic It litearlily means word blindness,
Dont think Jan is concerned that some one s trying to b helpful.
Though I think its nice you guys express concern.
With Love

8th April 2010, 11:50
this is a great thread and indeed must ring true with many people, whether they choose to see it or not.
there isnt a day that passes where i dont think that i should do something more on a practical front to help these changes i wish to see in the world we live in...like our depleting natural environment, the unjustness of abundance for some and lack of it for more, the disgusting and despicable atrocities that adults, children and all life forms endure for ill reasons. i want to make an earth shattering difference to help...i honestly can not express this enough
i think some of the reasons some people dont do more pro-active things is bcos you are never 100% sure if the help you are doing (for example charity fund raising) is actually going to where you want it to and not somewhere else....as sad as this sounds it is a fact.
its the frustration at the thought that the capacity to house or shelter, feed and show love for every and all peoples who want/need it is not being reached when the technology and sources are out there to achieve this goal. so understandably it can seem like a massive uphill struggle and ultimately a losing battle to even bother trying.
my philosophy on this and in life really is to go about your own experience and try to make everything you do and say an example of love and with as much enjoyment, kindness and empathy as possible...
cherishing and nurturing our own experiences and making ourselves better people who have a better understanding of our own selves is such a powerful example and force. it has a knock on effect to whoever witnesses your subtle passion and love at striving to make yourself a more loving and understanding person that it just radiates from your being and people notice these things, believe me.
as love, and as aspects and individual interpretations of that love, we experience life which throws lifetimes of choices at us everyday....then we base those choices we make on wanting the best outcome for us or for i rather....yet if we truly understood that i and the all of us are one in the same then the choices we make would be with the best intention of the whole at heart...there surely is no other way. this is the bigger big picture....
i am by no means anywhere near perfect and will never be, but if everyone were to concentrate on their own truthfullness and honesty in being, and how they want life to be for all as well as themselves then the whole will reflect the one in a better and more loving way then it does now. imho.
follow your heart and only believe what you feel and know to be right...

apologies for such a long post :yawn:

'Soon the child's clear eye is clouded over by ideas and opinions, preconceptions and abstractions. Simple free being becomes encrusted with the burdensome armor of the ego. Not until years later does an instinct come that a vital sense of mystery has been withdrawn. The sun glints through the pines, and the heart is pierced in a moment of beauty and strange pain, like a memory of paradise. After that day, we become seekers' - Peter Matthiessen

peace always

Rob Wood
8th April 2010, 17:53
My personal take on this subject is that we come together to share our visions, and then we need to walk away and do what we are meant to do. I believe with all my heart that even though we are all connected to one another on a cosmic level, we are in these individual bodies and on this planet to walk a unique path. When we are on that path, we find peace - even in adversity; when we stray off that path, we are discontented and anxious, even when "things" seem to be going our way. That's the dichotomy of life for human beings.

Here's a suggestion for those who feel that they should be taking action to make the world a better place, but don't want to simply give money to charities: Do some one-on-one service. Go to your local homeless shelter or veteran's hospital and volunteer to help those less fortunate than yourselves. If you feel that giving to a charity is more bang for the buck, give to something like this one:


These are artificial hands that cost $US50 each. They are rugged, but extremely basic. They may not look like much, but you can buy a hand and deliver it personally to someone living in extreme poverty, and save his or her life. For people living in extreme poverty ($US1 or less per day) in some 3rd world counties, a missing hand often means a slow death from starvation or exposure. That's why warlords and genocidal mobs lop people's hands off - to demonstrate their power over people who have none at all.

Does saving one life solve the world's problems? Sometimes I sense that people want to SAVE THE WORLD in a big, dramatic way, and look at something like helping just one person as an insignificant act. But the truth is, saving one life is saving the planet, and if that's what your heart is telling you to do to stay on your path, then do it, and you will find peace. If one life leads to multiple lives, then you can do the big things. But it has to start someplace.

My 2 cents.


8th April 2010, 22:30
I don't think there is anything wrong with spelling mistakes. I spell things wrong all the time, and I spend time to correct them.
A spell checker makes this much easier... :peace:

Jan Rodrigo
9th April 2010, 14:20
thank you all for your posts ,sorry iv not reply much im trying to give the forum a break and for my spelling it's realy bad, all so it's getting worst not better and if it was not for gita all my work would be un readerble lol. all so for those who wish to get involed more and take action, there well be a tread going up on a meeting happening soon in the uk.
all my love jan

9th April 2010, 14:34
I wouldn’t worry too much about spelling as many academics have reported to me in the last year that they are finding their spelling is getting worst (myself also). They of course put this down to the computers correcting their mistakes and texting habits. I however did some research on this and as I believe we’re in the ascension process (using the term loosely here), then where we’re going, we won’t actually need to be able to speak words much alone know how to spell. Telepathy is on the increase and for good reason.:wink: