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30th December 2014, 07:07
In 2007, a Mexican farmer claimed to have found a baby creature that frightened him so much he drowned it in a ditch. The body was given to scientists who have now released their findings. The creature is unknown, biologically resembling a reptile.

Tests revealed a creature that is unknown to scientists – its skeleton has characteristics of a lizard, its teeth do not have any roots like humans and it can stay underwater for a long time.

The creature has a large brain pan, and looks like a sawn off version of just about any science fiction movie with a low budget where the producer knows someone with a lot of store dummies. Like Roswell, this morphology is pretty common for people who aren’t trying too hard with their hoaxes, but more elaborate. The Roswell bodies were interesting, because there was absolutely no muscular or other differentiation between individuals, which is almost impossible, genetically, except in insects.


An investigation by Channel 4 Alien investigations which was shown last week there is now solid scientific evidence to prove the hoax. The now dried up creature was 3d mapped and X-rayed at Imperial college London. Experts at a top forensic laboratory in the UK took what Jaime Maussan said would be the last batch of DNA samples he would ever allow.

Prof. Dr.José Antonio del Río is a high level and specialiced forensic scientist. . He's speciliced in DNA identification. Human DNA Identification.

Somehow they changed doctor's name to Prof. José Antonio Lorente(Above top secret claimed; he worked with F.B.I. in USA and with a lot of police corps in south-america, Europe , of course, Spain) and London lab in UK claimed they tested last available sample which will lead no further investigation.

Prof. Dr.José Antonio del Río last claim is;

1.- He doesnt'n know anything about an analysis of a strange creature from Metepec. He doesn't know Jaime Maussan and nobody ask him about this event.

2.- He's a scientific specialized in the human DNA recognition for criminal identification. He only can say if the creature is human or not, but can not differentiate if the DNA is from a monkey, a dog, a cat or a mushroom.

30th December 2014, 09:55
I understood this to be a hoax -a marmoset monkey died and a taxidermist was commissioned to mount it- he just had a bit of fun on U tube with the skinned remains.
Well it all got out of hand -some one famous even purchased the remains claiming it must be an Alien.

I eventually watched a disclaimer from a chap allegedly the original taxidermist who claimed it was all a prank that got way out of hand.

https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=marmoset+monkey&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=685&tbm=isch&imgil=I8UgJ9L2MRPhBM%253A%253BXsAR41SEI7k5HM%253Bh ttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fen.wikipedia.org%25252Fwik i%25252FCommon_marmoset&source=iu&pf=m&fir=I8UgJ9L2MRPhBM%253A%252CXsAR41SEI7k5HM%252C_&usg=__bzhQtNHhgf2tuXvn3dL_cuRUjVc%3D&ved=0CCwQyjc&ei=b3SiVNi0Ns_daq-JgOAG#facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=I8UgJ9L2MRPhBM%253A%3BXsAR41SEI7k5HM%3Bhttp% 253A%252F%252Fupload.wikimedia.org%252Fwikipedia%2 52Fcommons%252F7%252F7e%252FCommon_marmoset_(Calli thrix_jacchus).jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fen.wikiped ia.org%252Fwiki%252FCommon_marmoset%3B1600%3B1067

30th December 2014, 21:34
I want to show that, even an event is real, we(readers) don't have any change to catch it in time. Some Alternate media(such as above secret) contaminate the founding "doctor's name, doctor's comment on report.

There is no comment on a Canadian institute tested the samples and found no match in their DNA pool(human and animal samples)

London lab from UK declared that they used last usable sample for DNA testing(!)
which make me laugh, even tiny hair sample is enough to test the DNA for comparison.

Shortly after the story became public the ranch owner died in a car fire.

They play the game if they were looking to truth.

The truth is an elephant, surrounded by blind men. Each blind man describes, different part of the elephant without coming close to the truth.