View Full Version : Electrical like buzzing /sparks sounds in my head

4th January 2015, 18:41
hello everyone!
I was wondering if anyone has this happening as google did not bring up much..
I keep on hearing electrical like sounds in my head! I think i always had them or I cant really remember when they started, but they happen much more often lately. The sounds are just like electrical shocks/sparks and they come from various spots in the head but more often at the back in the lower left side, behind the ear..

4th January 2015, 19:10
Dental fillings have been know to react with saliva and cause say a loose filling to act like an antenna and convert radio waves to sound, just a thought

4th January 2015, 19:15
that's interesting. Thanks yelik!

4th January 2015, 20:53
Tinitus can range from ringing sounds, to buzzing sounds, to quiet 'fog-horn' sounds,
to humming sounds.. to electrical 'sparking' sounds.
And it sounds like you have it in one ear and not the other (which is common).

Some eastern inspired meditators focus their Qi energies upon various
parts of their body to perform self-healing.
This appears to have some efficacy.
Remarkable and astounding cures have been claimed.
Perhaps you could cure your own tinitus.

be happy

lucidity :-)

5th January 2015, 02:17
I decided to become pals with the ringing and other sounds coming from my head. I've heard buzzing and zapping as well, but only when in full blown meditation before bedtime. It doesn't really matter to me if it's medical or not, I figure they'll always be around so I started focusing on the ringing (since that one is constant) and now when I meditate, need to concentrate, or need to relax my mind, I listen for the ringing and pretend it's kind of singing to me. Now I enjoy the heck out of it! Beautiful music. I hope this helps you, too.

5th January 2015, 03:47
One of the places where I've seen some discussion or thoughts on PA that might be relevant to this was in a thread I started a few months ago. My own latest thoughts on this can be found here:


This also includes a link to that thread, where some members' comments were quite interesting, in my opinion. I hope that helps, Nora.

5th January 2015, 04:09
fox, i agree and do the same. i have several high pitch frequencies i hear on a constant basis . i also pick up other frequencies that come and go. i accept them and don't mind them. whatever you want to call them , they are part of my reality and if i chose to reject them, i feel there would be much undue suffering. however, i guess I'm grateful to have a sweet sound singing to me then something not so.

5th January 2015, 06:12
my dentist told me that when you have metal alloys in the mouth, on different side of the mouth, the saliva works as a conductor and you start having electrical discharge in the mouth (very light ones, we usually do not feel it, but they do register on the right analysers). Some electricity could come from this.

Apart from this, I do have tinitus and it is a constant high pitch sound mainly in one ear.

Also, i sometimes have other pitch noises and today someone talked about having those ear buzzing sounds when there is a sun coronal ejection. Which has happen more often lately. This makes sense to me.

5th January 2015, 18:07
I have Dora and there are many more here that feel or hear the cracking of the flouride shell, surrounding the pineal gland. A residual build up of calcium deposit surrounding the gland that is vibrationally shattering or cracking. I believe that's what you're describing. It is like the sputtering of energy popping and zingy buzz. After awhile you'll be able to hear the winds...waves rolling in. I don't know about the many others, just know about me, and when enquiring, was told there are others here afraid to mention this. Afraid it could be some brain ailment. Rest easy, everyone at their own time.

Sounds like your alarm clock is going off to wake you up. Love and Godspeed on the journey to explore.