View Full Version : US Army ADMITS Prep For War In 'Megacities'! Conspiracy Theory No Longer!

7th January 2015, 22:11
January 6, 2015

"Vet's Guns Confiscated While US Army ADMITS Prep For War In 'Megacities'! Conspiracy Theory No Longer! What Do They Know That We Don't Know?"


"This brand new story just released by the Army Times confirms what was once called 'conspiracy theory' as the US Army has come straight out to admit they are preparing for war in megacities.: "Megacities are the new battleground." For several years now the alternative media has sounded the sirens by putting out story after story as city after city has been taken over by Army 'martial law' drills, only to have their warnings drowned out as 'fear porn' and worse. With this latest story excerpted below, those cries of 'fear porn' can be put to rest as the US Army OBVIOUSLY KNOWS something that we don't know. The videos below tell the tale in more depth, including important new information about what they're NOW doing to US Veterans re. gun confiscation and a Jason A video called "What Will Happen To America In 2015? Scary Events Around The World" but first, directly from Army Times linked above.:"


7th January 2015, 23:51
Looks like they're trying to force us onto a negative timeline, the cabal won't give up easily.

8th January 2015, 05:59
We're doomed! Oh my!

8th January 2015, 11:20
It's not working. They stir **** in Sydney - We respond with #I'llRideWithYou.

They now stir **** in France and the response is also bringing people together rather than filling them with hate.

They are getting desperate. As this desperation increases so does people's awareness.

The time that the we people stand up and stop this madness is rapidly approaching.

I welcome it.

8th January 2015, 13:08
There aren't any megacities in the U.S. anyway (http://www.truthandaction.org/army-times-army-prepping-battles-megacities/2/).