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7th January 2015, 22:50
This is a fascinating article about the Wreck of the Kulluk. Three years ago, Shell spent millions to send a colossal oil rig to drill in the remote seas of the Arctic. But the Arctic had other plans...

This article is a perfect example of the complete cluster**** that the combination of adversarial regulation and public/private collusion i.e. the American way, make of trying to do complicated engineering projects.There are so many great examples in this article of "privatize the profits, socialize the losses''


8th January 2015, 11:25
A superbly written expose.
The scale of corruption, not just associated with financial markets but the slack adherance to regulation and authority when designing large scale projects; in a region of the worst weather on the planet. Disgraceful.

Coincidentally, Shell are exposed once again by legal proceedings now taking place against them by Nigerian authorites in London. I strongly recommend you view the Guardian article (others too) and view the actual damage inflicted by the oil companies.
Furthermore, The same Guardian produced a video of the actual impact by the pollution in the Niger Delta.

Thankfully the assets for the oil company were lost.
Thankfully the oil price collapsed.

The impact on the ecology of the Alaskan region are now spared the same fate as that of the Niger Delta.

And no matter what else occurs the bastards are protected by Law!

The Kulluck story portrayed the slimey methods of penny pinching to harvest a buck but much worse is how the arguments are twisted and truths obfuscated without independant verification. Listen to Peter Voser the CEO of Shell defend the business above the need of the environment in the Niger Delta. No doubt he has wormed a defensive argument for every other ecological disaster for the benefit of profiit for share holders. (Shell may be the target of this thread here but this applies to all oil companies.)

So during the Kulluck debacle, just imagine him worming state legislators and the Coast Guard with the same cock and bull stories.

8th January 2015, 13:31
Shell has already spread pollution and impoverished small farmers and fishermen in Nigeria. After 50 years of oil exploitation, pollution is now the norm on the delta, and the companies working there appear de-sensitised and immune to criticism. Over 50 spills a year in Canada, Mexico, Australia or Britain would be an outrage and draw political fury; but in the delta this is considered normal, or even better than usual. No other region of the world has to endure so much pollution on a regular basis. The fact is that western oil companies apply different standards to clean-ups and compensation in Nigeria compared with the rest of the world.They should clean their mess and stop blaming the victims for the leaks from pipelines.

It is unfortunate that among all living beings, it seems that only the human being is an animal capable of greed and unscrupulous destroying its environment, plunder,contempt of its congeners, and without any respect for wildlife and nature. We can not continue like this, the world can no longer ignore the destruction and global warming.

This is too serious, thousands of plants and animals die, nations and civilizations disappear. If we continue this way, human extinction trigger its own and can not feed themselves and survive!

8th January 2015, 22:55
It's to keep people trapped and dependant on the Corporate cities all over the World. Easier to slaughter.