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9th January 2015, 07:22
What do my fellow people know about the serpent mounds in Ohio?

william r sanford72
9th January 2015, 16:32
interesting more recent fact about the mounds..belive it was in the news a few years ago was someone being hit and killed by a suspected meteor/comet right near the serpent mounds.
tho recall of the article is hazy.
lotta mystery surrounds the sacred place.
truth and balance.

A Voice from the Mountains
9th January 2015, 18:50
It's in Ohio, not too far from the Ohio River. The Ohio River Valley is famous for lots of prehistoric sites and artifacts that tend to defy conventional explanations, and was home to a lot of mysterious ancient cultures. There are probably thousands of artificial mounds through Ohio surrounding states, most of which have never been excavated and are often hard to distinguish from natural hills. Mounds that have been excavated are often found to be tombs, sometimes with copper tools and other ancient artifacts dating to around the year 0 CE.

Remember also that there were many extensive ancient copper mines in Michigan (estimated to have mined of a billion pounds of copper) that also belonged to an unknown ancient culture, which seems to have even shipped its copper down the Mississippi River and then across the Atlantic (mooring stones have been found off the coasts of Florida, and other evidence exists that points to an ancient sea route in this way). Analyses have also shown that copper originating from the western hemisphere was being used in the ancient Middle East. There is an episode of America Unearthed about these mines, entitled "The Great Lakes Copper Heist." The natives who were found to live in these regions after Columbus arrived had little knowledge of the people who operated the copper mines but knew that their own ancestors did not work metals or perform mining operations. Fritz Zimmerman believes a race of giants mined copper from this area and took it back across the Atlantic.

Josh Reeves has stated that Serpent Mound is built over an apparently artificial rock formation similar to that in Rockwall, Texas, near Dallas. (The very ancient and very massive rock wall buried under Rockwall, Texas has been claimed to be a natural formation but I believe this is just the natural knee-jerk reaction of historians and geologists who are not prepared to accept the implications if it were artificial; seashells and other ocean debris was deposited behind the rock wall in Texas indicating that it was built at a time when Texas either had water covering all the way to Dallas, or else before some catastrophic flooding or tidal wave event.) I believe there is a similarly ancient artificial rock wall construction in Iowa.

A "telluric current" was stated to be found over the Serpent Mound in 1995 by John Burke and Kaj Halberg. The site is also apparently struck by lightning at a unusual rate and gravitational "anomalies" are said to have been measured there (possibly related to something buried there under the earth?). A stone menhir similar to those in Britain was also found near this site, dating between 3500 and 1500 BC. The menhirs of Britain themselves likely fall within a similar time period and it's possible they were built by a common culture that existed on both sides of the Atlantic. Ross Hamilton believes the menhir at Serpent Mound dates back to about 3000 BC.

I also have notes on a "serpent effigy" described by Frank Joseph, which is located in Ohio and is aligned with the constellation Draco. I'm not sure if it's the same Serpent Mound as we're talking about here. Either way, the location that Joseph describes is on the outside of a 4-mile wide crater created by a meteor impact event believed to have occurred about 4000 to 5000 years ago (which would be between 2000 and 3000 BC once again).

Given all this, my personal hypothesis is this:

A common culture constructed menhirs and monoliths along ley lines on both sides of the Atlantic, from at least France and Britain, all the way across to the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys. A meteor impact event (possibly multiple meteors impacting at once) devastated this culture somewhere around 3000 BC. After this, the remnants of this culture later returned and erected serpent effigies near the location of a meteor impact site in order to possibly honor their ancestors or mark the location to be remembered by future generations.

10th January 2015, 18:59
I found a couple of references regarding serpent/egg symbolism. "Gnostics viewed Hermes as a personification of the World Serpent, ruler of time, who coiled around the terrestrial egg." [The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets; 1983; Barbara Walker;]

Enrique Rincon reported seeing a symbol of a snake coiled around an egg in one of his abductions. In 1973 he was abducted by Pleiadians near Bogota, Columbia (Read UFO ... Contact from Reticulum Update by Wendelle Stevens, pp. 438-439). Sr. Rincon actually saw Grays and Pleiadians working together. Furthermore, these Pleiadians admitted that "they were involved in some of the events described in our holy works."

To see these symbols and other related serpent symbols download THE EYE OF RA below and go to pages 36 and 37 of the PDF.