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11th January 2015, 05:15

Did Humans Walk the Earth with Dinosaurs? Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years

A Triceratops brow horn discovered in Dawson County, Montana, has been controversially dated to around 33,500 years, challenging the view that dinosaurs died out around 65 million years ago. The finding radically suggests that early humans may have once walked the earth with the fearsome reptiles thousands of years ago.
- See more at: http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-evolution-human-origins/humans-walk-earth-dinosaurs-triceratops-horn-dated-33500-020159#sthash.rzcidZCU.dpuf

11th January 2015, 06:18
When the old Lyrians came to Earth , they found evidence that Earth had been visited 22 million years ago ...

11th January 2015, 12:10
Sounds impressive until it is revealed that the 'Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum' who are behind the information are part of FACT (Foundation Advancing Creation Truth).

Yeah, there's no vested interest there.

The piddly bits of information available does not really engender confidence in me that this is anything more than yet another Creationist Hoax.

-- Pan

11th January 2015, 18:18
This again? Here's an article that came out after the last time this happened with a T-Rex sample and how it all went down and why ... I do believe humans did exist with dinosaurs, but don't buy that the earth is less that 10,000 years old - I believe earth's real history has been both lost and hidden.


12th January 2015, 00:06
n despite a possibly intended 'creation hoax' by one certain faction there is overwhelming archaeological evidence out there that we, modern day man ("homo sapiens sapiens"), had a co-existence with dinosaurs millions of years ago;

the extensive Michael Cremo/Richard Thompson research documented in their 1000 page+ opus "Forbidden Archaeology" is an excellent, exemplary reference start-


12th January 2015, 02:18

12th January 2015, 02:31
thanks Carmody :-)


12th January 2015, 04:04
... I do believe humans did exist with dinosaurs, but don't buy that the earth is less that 10,000 years old - I believe earth's real history has been both lost and hidden.

http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/earth/geology/soft-tissue-dinosaur-fossil2.htm We need to move away from the two classical views with a third where the argument is revamped to reflect on facts of suppression and common sense with dialog that doesn't concluded with biased closed minds spewing belittling comments.

12th January 2015, 17:58
OK GUYS n girls :)


FIRST, we have to discard this weird notion, this humanocentric notion that we've held sway over this planet for the last million + years. There is no written record of that outside of our minds :P

Ya don't have to be a Bible Beater (no offense, I use this term in good humor) to believe that due to geography and the "young planet" phenom, the diversity of species on early earth, even recently, would surprise us today.

We live in the twilight of diversity. We didn't even stop to record the species loss inflicted by human civilization until the last few decades. Only the philosophers and the scribes of royalty bothered to document animal welfare.

We've wiped millions of species off the face of the planet with our meddling ways.

Not to mention, before transportation technology was permitted to arise, geography was a huge regulating factor in terms of what could survive where and for how long.

Caves for example, do people think caves were always empty? They used to carry large amounts of greenhouse gases and other substances hazardous to our health but helpful to other species.

edit: mountains too for that matter act as a gas chamber

Who's to say that dinosaurs didn't coexist on the condition that they required a specific environment found only in volcanic areas in order to survive?

As tempting as it's been to farm there, volcanic areas have always held extreme hazard for human life in general, but who's to say that the process hasn't changed over time, the process by which earth relieves its seismic stress?

It could be that ante-deluvian times had much different weather and different earth processes, even down to the chemistry, than we see now in the twilight of our planet.

food for thought and quickly I hope

A Voice from the Mountains
12th January 2015, 19:04
This again? Here's an article that came out after the last time this happened with a T-Rex sample and how it all went down and why ... I do believe humans did exist with dinosaurs, but don't buy that the earth is less that 10,000 years old - I believe earth's real history has been both lost and hidden.

Same here.

And I question what is meant by "human." A form of intelligent human being could have had civilization here a million years ago, but still not be exactly the same as we are today. I've heard multiple references to myths of ancient cultures, in regards to "blue bloods" and their ancestors or ancient venerated ones having blue skin. "Human" skeletons with horns on their skulls have been found in Pennsylvania. Then of course you have giants, humans with elongated skulls...

12th January 2015, 22:43
Hi. This post is possibly pure speculation and a contribution to exercises of the imagination. As a fan of Sean Stone's interviews on Buzzsaw on LipTV, I recently watched:


"Origins of Earth, War and Timeline Genocide with Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis (Parts 1 & 2)" I really hadn't heard of this guy before and he throws out his "Galactic History" with such rapid-fire delivery as to make one's head spin (I had to laugh aloud at Stone's facial expressions as he mirrored my feelings trying to absorb this guy's concepts of time and multiple realities). His material is really "Out There" and I thought him nuts at first but then much of his stuff started making crazy sense to me and I got to grokking it. Ideas about dinosaurs being "DNA skinsuits" with incredible psychic energy which could repel some early galactic invasions by destructive forces were new to my mind. Supposedly earth became the place for sparks of life force to enter and find 'solid ground' (3-D and other dimensional existences) to escape the de-creationism which caused the akashic records to become wiped and all beings lost all sense of time and memory. Ok, I probably got that wrong according to Bartzis but it is my briefest possible summary that I understood.

It seems like we have so many versions of time, multi-dimensional existences, probabilities and such, that fossil records are only remnants of an earth story we will never understand in conventional terms. So why not imagine other possibilities for dinosaur existence in earth history. Dinosaurs have fascinated ancient and contemporary cultures alike (Captain Obvious!) I accept archeological and geological sciences with a grain of salt as my ideas of reality open and expand.

(We also have the resource book "Forbidden Archeology" by Cremo and Thompson but I wished we'd gone for the condensed version instead of the door-stopper!)

I also enjoyed one of those dumb history channel shows about Lochness monster and the dinosaur sightings in a lake (Champlain?) in Vermont that offered an actual plausible explanation. Some kind of magnetic wave resonance could have or does occur between the crystalline granite bedrock and its concave shape underwater which can cause a dimensional time-warp effect. So folks may have seen a dimensional bleedthrough instead of living dinosaur in current reality.

Well, that's this 'newbie' member's contribution, kind of a kookie beginner post I suppose. Please forgive if I have repeated stuff others have offered as it is impossible to read everything ever posted at this site. You may have dismissed or considered Andrew Bartzis's stuff before.

(Buzzsaw interview page description info pasted here:

Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis explores the origins of earth and war, the significance of the date 12/12, and discusses the importance of planetary karma, free will and the cycles of timeline genocide.

“Earth is known as a 7th dimensional galactic seed planet,” Bartzis explains. “Earth as a being lived in other universes – the other 16 universes that were incarnating in this bubble of universal realities.

“She was billions and billions of different beings, and multiple soul shards, until she decided that she was going to do something that the universe had never done before.”

He goes on to further explain the planet’s development within the universe. “What earth did is it centralized itself, and it built a housing or a shell, in conjunction with millions and millions of other beings in this universe when it was still a non free-willed universe.”

He also talks about the concept of womb chakras – which he says are connected to the planet’s heart and mind. “So that on a universal level, those beings who live above those womb chakras will create DNA skin suits, or inhabitable objects that energy can co-create with that alters the reality of other planets.”

“So you can literally create a little bubble of reality in these womb chakras and have an infinite amount of space to grow trees, plants and animals – and then psychically teleport them from that womb chakra and directly graft them onto a blank Akashic record world.”

Bartzis also speaks about the concept of timeline genocides, saying, “we’re existing on a fifth non-paradox timeline right now.”

“And there were 66 planets that were the prime offenders of purposely creating timeline genocide – 928,000 years ago on what we exist, this timeline right now, the galactic ascension machine was formed by galactic universal beings, who needed to clean up timeline pollution.”

He explains that everything that had karma was going to migrate to one single solar system – with one sun – and each planet would have one common DNA skin suit so everything could incarnate and all karma could begin to be resolved.

When asked about the theory that a comet destroyed the dinosaurs roughly 66 million years ago, Bartzis said this idea is completely false.

“The dinosaurs did not go extinct from that. We exist on four simultaneous paradoxes… 54 million years ago is where timeline genocide was created. That means there was no first, there was no middle, there was no end, we were all simultaneously existing in time.”

Episode Breakdown

Welcome to Buzzsaw.

Introducing Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian.

The significance of the date 12/12.

Explanation of Akashic records.

Dealing with the karma of timeline manipulation.

The origins of earth, a 7th dimensional galactic seed planet.

The origin of war with the introduction of free will.

The emergence of life on earth.

The perception of time on earth and in different galaxies.

The history of dinosaurs and their ability to defend against reality invasion.

4 different timeline genocides and our existence on the 5th timeline.

What really happened to the dinosaurs and our reality constructed of lies.

The disappearance of sacred sites and what that means for incarnated beings.

Rothschild family and soul shards.

Light and dark together against multi-dimensional beings.

Egyptian understanding of the quantum psychic machine.

Babylon and Egypt and our modern banking structures.

Jehova the alien being.

The role of angelic beings.

The British royal family and their origins.

The end of our karmic deaths and the beginning of our sovereign being.

Thank you and goodbye.