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Citizen No2
29th January 2015, 08:24
Dominic Di Natale was a veteren Fox News reporter who was an expert on Middle Eastern affairs. He died on Dec 14th, 2014 aged just 43. He committed suicide by self-inflicted gun shot, or so we have been told.

I shall explain my involvement.

Last night (Wed 28th January) my good friend came round for a meal and to catch up, just like we do most Wednesday evenings as my partner works late on a Wednesday so we have the house to ourselves. After the meal and a couple of beers we were talking and, well, ........

My very close friend was brought up in the Algarve but is British. His best friend was Dominic Di Natale and they spent their formative years together, inseparable, up to the age of 19 or so.
Dominic was adamant that he was going to be an investigative reporter. Aged 19, he was walking the beach on day when he found a massive bale of hashish that had washed up. Instead of calling the authorities, he decided to watch the bale to see who would come looking. He did this and ultimately was lead into the high-levels of European drug trafficking, at one point having a gun held to his head. All this at 19 years old and on his own initiative. His investigative reporting career was off to a start.

He moved to the UK and began work in London for some big names covering City news before working for BBC World. This then lead to an opportunity to work for Fox News.
He covered Business affairs before moving on to Middle Eastern affairs, taking a degree in Arabic at Damascus university. He went on to run the Fox News bureau in Islamabad.

Here is what the Daily Mail had to say:

And here is what Fox News had to say:

Now then, did you notice anything strange? Now, here is where I start to list some very important points.

Dominic had NO history of epileptic fits from childhood.
When he obtained his Green Card, it was issued for 'people with extraordinary ability'.
Dominic was there, on the ground at all the major False-Flag events in recent history:
Iraq II
Bin Laden compound
Etc, etc, etc.

His death has been explained like this:

Diagnosed with PTSD from front-line experience.
June 2013 started epileptic fits, which apparently he had from childhood.
Nov 2014 diagnosed with brain damage from a bullet ricochet.
Leaves Fox Nov 30th.
Shot himself Dec 14th.

The problem is this. People who were close to him say "no way". I watched personal video messages from Dominic to my friend last night, and this was NOT a man getting ready to check-out. In-fact he was urging my friend to come over to the States to catch up. He was in possession of some very sensitive documents, we believe, relating to the Middle east.

I asked for permission to write about this and it was granted in ernest. If anyone has information, no matter how small, it would be greatly received.

Thank you Avalonians.

29th January 2015, 18:08
"Over the next several years, Di-Natale shuttled between the U.S. and the Middle East, reporting for Fox News and working on independent projects."

Wonder if one of his "independent projects" was why he ended up with "two to the head"?