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9th February 2015, 14:28
Hi all,

My first post here so use that as your own discernment re what i offer and i will take the opportunity to say hello to all you fellow Conscious Explorers where ever and when ever you may be. It is good to be alive and in a place within myself to offer for you what i share now. I have zero vested interest in the outcome in any way other than to provide a choice to explore. I invite you now to do so. I have not done these for money, i invest that time in my fellow man at this pivotal time. it is my service to humanity.

I am one like you perhaps who has been waiting in the background until i have some perspective that based on everything out there might be something i want yet done. I am pretty energetically sensitive that has taken me quite a while to get a handle on also. I have created this series in a Mosaic style of many of the teachers predominantly out there now but also a few blasts from the past. It is up to part 13 with more to come as the inspiration rises. I have been involved personally with some core remote Lay Line / other stuff that isn't in public space as yet. Those aspects offered i have an understanding. I have also operated at various times with a few of the powerful intuitives offered in this series. So, despite the info potentially challenging. I have been across Project Camelot since binging seriously since 2009 and taught myself currency trading just to fund my research (and invest myself in the 'Energy of Money').

The reason for my actions? There are thousands of hours of stuff out there. And ever increasing exponentially now also as time goes by. What i have attempted to do is condense what i have learnt over many tens of thousands plus personal experiences to a potential fast track for those coming into their awareness now. I have an expectation huge numbers aren't far off. To aid in getting people up to speed asap and having focus on the present state of things. Hopefully for the veterans, also something new and some perspectives yet contemplated. Pattern recognition based on everything consciously and subconsciously absorbed so far.

People included so far:
Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Richard Alan Miller, Bruce Cathie, Michael Tsarion, Andrew Bartzis, Ram Dass, Lance White, Freddy Silva, Graham Hancock, Harry Oldfield, Daniel Hopsiker, Nickie Thetsy, Terrance McKenna, Russel Means, Ian R Crane, Paul Chek, Itzhak Bentov, Sally Fallon Morrell, Leela Hutchison, Val Valerian, Jeffery Mischlove, Bo Gritz, Weston A Price, Veronica Keen, Andre Hodge, John Anthony West, Anthony De Mello, Maurice Cotterell, Dean Radin, Bob Beck, Bob Frissel, Barry Dunford. RD Lang, Art Bell, Amy Goodman, Helen Caldicott.

Topics Covered (hard to cover all)
The Psychic Dictatorship over Humanity. The Artificial Lay Line Grid imposed over our Home vs The Natural in which the indigenous tribal structures were an symbiotic emanation of, The eradication of wisdom to suppress knowledge for control, The elimination of the indigenous to impose consciousness control, The role of Shaman in tribal settings and need for those who's purpose is it now to trigger and integrate it for our society once more, The purpose of incarnating with shut down intuitive abilities to evade detection of incarnating behind enemy lines, The need to explore healing to reveal your truth and purpose now, The 3 rises and falls of both Lemuria and Atlantis and their Spiritual Incarnation battle with the 15 Multi Dimensional Beings currently occupying roughly 12-18 million 'skin suits' at present, Akashic Record perspectives, Past Life Akashic live readings to confirm individual past experiences relative to the topic covered, The purpose for the 9 layers of Pyramid Fortification and the Archon Incarnation control of Soul allocation. Time Travelers who in Ancient Mystery Schools who perceived the battle being lost invested in the present future time for continuity of consciousness, Trauma useage, Nuclear Tech aimed at Spiritual Soul Migrations, The Sun's role in triggering consciousness and efforts to suppress our access to it, The vital nature of Nutrition for the relief of Nutritional Suffocation designed with the intent to inhibit our physical temple, The purpose that sacred energy spots are for consciousness activation and our calling by them, Overcoming Beliefs and Judgement, Other personal lessons valid to explore. Our potential which is at hand within each of us. The small numbers truely required to overcome this all, The courage healing will have on those around you not just yourself. And, more than i can remember right now.

These might be topics so far out there for you perhaps are challenging to contemplate. All cool. But, I have attempted to offer these all at a pace that may make sense. I have also offered the links for more thorough research and the teachers to do so.

Conscious Explorer - Ancient Past Present Task (Playlist)

My Channel vids (Many other things for your discernment of me and the full lectures incorporated etc)

I have also created a documentary on the Money System (as i taught myself currency trading to fund my full time research for a while) to explain it in 50mins and why not having any based on the present realty might be your best ally:
Money - The Ultimate Consciousness Pacifier

I appreciate the opportunity to offer it to you here by those who operate this space. And, if you do choose to explore and gain some perspective from it I am honoured.

Best of Luck,


9th February 2015, 16:32

9th February 2015, 19:52
Yes! this is exciting. I've gone thru the first two, Pt1 and Pt2. The best part is that all the speakers resonate truth IMHO
I've seen many attempted video's that want to convince one of their truth but I could not get the spirit of truth in them.
Looking forward to all the rest. this is extremely exciting to me.Desire

10th February 2015, 02:38
Appreciate the feedback Desire. I feel a great deal of people at present are attempting to find their place amongst it all. I am hoping those sorts of people get the clip they have been looking for to trigger what Andrew Bartzis says 'Action turns Knowledge into Wisdom'. So potentially i increase the randomness ally for them. It might be pilgrimage time to a sacred site for activation time ;)

And for me also being here.....

Innocent Warrior
18th February 2015, 22:16
Alpha, this is brilliant. Your objective, the teachers and the subject matter, all brilliant. I'll be diving in head first today and please keep the challenging material coming, the more challenging the better. I'm glad you're here, welcome!

22nd March 2015, 06:19
Hi all,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend where ever you may be. Seems to be a very powerful one cyclically for sure. It has been for me one to step back in deep introspection and recharging. In those times i like to focus on something creative for a grounding of sorts. So, such a retreat also has a productive element to it. Focusing on such tasks aid in that for myself. I also like to offer some of my energy in full personal responsibility on such times from a neutral perspective to offer an avenue of randomness for those seeking something from left field. So with that i offer my latest creation for those of you who dedicate an aspect of what you are about to the inner journey work (part 15 in the works at the moment too). I won't do this too much relative to my own stuff as i prefer to do so in the background for those in their 'Rites of Passage' who find me out there. That allows for maximum individual synchronicity.

Conscious Explorer - Ancient Past Present Task - Pt14 - Shadow Dance in the Temple of the SELF

I have been having some amazing experiences this first part of this year. A time where i joined this community here and have been quite invigorated by those who are members and the variance of perspectives. Who, in their own unique expression are offering much also. It isn't about where it is always in agreement with my present level of ignorance. The core intent in making our jewel of a home a better place is always a core element. I find that quite nourishing on some level i have am not able to place. So, i look forward to what is yet to be written. For myself, us, humanity and our home Earth. For i only see enormous potential. Yet to be revealed.