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11th November 2010, 19:29
first i would like to say a happy veterans too all that served!!!!i am too a veteran,i served on one of the most prestiegis carriers in the world,the uss john f kenedy cv-67.i revel at the name because its what john f kenedy tried to do with the goverment and the federal reserve..his words and legacy will live far beyond our live times,only if he had a chance to do the words he spoke this goverment would not be in the fascist state its in....today is a sad day for me.i find myself tearing up as i write this and share with my treasured avolonians!!!!you truly our my friends!!!!! i think about the 415.000 vets that died in world war 2...american vets not to mention the vast others on enemy side, they and all fallen vets have died a horrible and unspeakable horrific deaths,we may never be able to concieve what our fallen vets have endured....this is why i say war is the enemy itself....there isnt a day that goes by that i here a backfire from a vehicle,and i run for cover...i suffer from ptsd,nasty thing that it is,,the things i dont say will bound me too hell it seems...the thing about war is a monetary agenda,in todays times..war i guess as for world war 2 was a must and peoples freedoms were at stake,thier lively hoods and personnal freedoms....today wars are for military agendas...i think about the poor iraqy children and poeple suffering from the depleted uranium used in the shells over there...the pictures of these innocent young being are suffering horrifically..not to mention the infrastuture that has been destroyed all on a pack of lies!!!!!the lying burocrats that use the military industrail machine for there own agendas...it makes no sense to me the destruction of the palastinians and there lands,not to mention the suffering going on,when i see a childs face of war it brings me to tears..afganastan i see pictures of the devastation it brings me to tears...these are the realitys that i face on a daily basis, do all other avolonians feel the same way. these are some of the questions that i face on a daily basis and live on a daily basis...we all as true americans must take a stand for what is right and humane!!!!and stand up to the goverment for there tyrannys that they get away with on a daily basis...america was once a great nation,im afraid she is falling,she is no longer the country that i was proud to serve....the love that i feel deep inside my being brings me of hopes that all will live in peace and lay down thier weapons of destuctions,take care of famine,stop all conflicts of war...all over this wonderful world that has the potential to be peacefull and abundant....with love light and abundace...thirdeye.....

11th November 2010, 21:05
Yes I hear you and thank you for your service. My father was shell-shocked from being blown off his aircraft carrier sunken by Kamakazis in the Coral Sea in WWII, and suffered from delayed trauma his whole life. He committed suicide as a result of his experiences and thus, the sins of the sons are visited on the next generation. We must remember and above all we must leave institutionalized warfaring behind for once and for all. It degrades the human being and the damage continues down through the generations. It must stop.