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12th November 2010, 17:58
If anyone is interested in hearing about Jordan's recent trip to the Vatican and his insights there is a 90 minute interview with slides at www.in5d.com The program is edited with no commercials, well done. Also see in5d's You Tube channel.
Title: Vatican's Secrets Exposed! Jordan Maxwell

12th November 2010, 18:11
Thanks for the post, but since you forgot to embed the mentioned video, here it is:


12th November 2010, 19:01
Didn't forget, have no clue how to.........thanks for doing it.

12th November 2010, 23:28
I think Bill ryan lost his video interview because he never released it,either that or its taking him all eternity to edit the video,hey Bill next time dont announce it all so we wont be here waiting forever to watch the video,i would think your editing would be done by now??Anyway doesn't matter anymore at this point i bet most of forgot about it at this point heheheh

12th November 2010, 23:43
I think that there is some information that Bill Ryan feels that it's not the right time to publish. Please let Bill decides what & when to publish. Bill has already put his life at risk for all that he has done so far.

13th November 2010, 00:03
I am fine with that but would be nice of him to come out and say that,i would have no issues with it whatsoever,the last time he commented something about this interview he apologized for the delay and said there was a lot of editing to be done and that he was working on it and that was about a couple of months ago or so i believe.