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Ron Mauer Sr
28th February 2015, 17:39
According to mhpgardener (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mhpgardener), Dutch buckets work better for plants bearing fruit and vegetables than the Kratky system (http://ronmauer.net/blog/?page_id=4440) that works well (no electricity and almost no maintenance) for leafy greens.

Electricity is needed to automate the system. But if the grid goes down, there is a work around to save the plants. Here is how to set up the system.


Improvements and fixes.


1st March 2015, 05:13
Here is Mike Adams with a detailed DIY explanation on the Kratky system. Posted earlier, but reposting here.

This is the introductory video explaining the concept. The free 'how to' videos require an email sign-in to watch and download.

Synopsis: Non-circulating, no weeding, no maintenance, nutrient dense plants built using available household scrap items or inexpensive Walmart junk. Some items may require 3D printing or for purchase. Website is http://www.foodrising.org/