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Ron Mauer Sr
5th March 2015, 03:24
There are many ideas available to experiment with this growing season. The two latest ideas are:

A vertical hydroponic garden.


An A frame hydroponic garden with 3 inch diameter horizontal PVC pipe.


The other two experiments are the Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System (http://ronmauer.net/blog/?page_id=4448) and the Off Grid (Kratky) Hydroponics System (http://ronmauer.net/blog/?page_id=4440).

If the projects are kept to a small scale, I can get it done.

Whatever changes are in the near term future, food will become less accessible. I feel it is important to do some prepping and learn more about producing food.

5th March 2015, 08:22
Hi Ron,

Thanks for posting. We seem to be both thinking the same thing...as yesterday I also watched some of them vids. Must be the wave of hope blessed to us in the spring air.

Have wanted to to do it for a few years already but just havent had the time to do it as we had to complete the first stage of our backyard farm. We have just spent the last year taking out old laurel bushes etc and replacing with "Back To Eden (http://www.backtoedenfilm.com/)" beds. Last year we were that impressed with it we decided this year to do the front garden too. ...started in January and have just finished. The beds we planted last year are full of lovely red worms and fungi spores are loving the chips. It will be great in a couple of years if I keep adding woodchips.

Now I have a choice of three new projects to turn to to keep me busy. ...a new chicken coop adventure, a "Flow Hive" beekeeping adventure, or an aquaponics adventure.

I have got to keep it all on the cheap so I am thinking aquaponics to start with. I would like to keep trout eventually and have some ideas on how to do it just I dont have the space to do it large scale yet (perhaps when we move house). I will probably start with a small barrelponics set-up with some gold fish, hooked up to a strawberry wall (similiar to that in the third video) for the top of my system...but just one side of the A Frame, and perhaps at the bottom of the system a slow flow lettuce bed before it returns to the fish all clean to repeat the cycle.

It is quite daunting trying to work out the best way of doing it all (materials, PVC vs HDPE etc.), but I saw this vid yesterday on the Kratsky method and am pleased to see I can do it even cheaper and just do it in sections and maybe hook it all up later.

Here is the video...hope it is of some interest.


Best of luck with your system, I hope you share with us your results if you do. I look forward to seeing your setup, will be interested to see what you conjure up. :wizard:

You are right about the term "experimenting". We have a small section of concrete I wanted to make use of so I also tried growing on top of some strawbales I made a bed with....this wasn't so effective as the eden method and I wont be trying it again. Glad we tried though, as I have some more matter for the compost bins.

Shame you don't live a little closer or I would love to come and give you a hand, and see how you do it all :)

Cheers and bright blessings,

5th March 2015, 13:52
What wonderful ideas! I am fortunate to have some space to grow my veggies ,but for those that don't this is a wonderful concept. I guess even the smallest amount of space would work.

Thanks Ron.

21st March 2015, 14:52
Apologies Ron, just seen your earlier post on the Kratky Method.

....and I went to have a look at your website, great job there! I will be checking it all out in case I have missed something nice and easy. Lots of learning and projects ...thank you :)

All the best,