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15th November 2010, 21:27
Actually this came to me as a Health Science Institute (HSI alert). This one being of a financial nature trying to encourage me to invest in the Tupi Oil Fields.

What I did find interesting was the information on tying some loose together with the Middle East and the ongoing oil battle and possible war. And of course it focuses on the Gulf of Aden, where the military build up has been.

The message below came from Paul Amos, but the audio presentation is by Byron King. Here is a little about him.

[I][I]A former Navy flyer and one-time field historian on the staff of the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, Byron King has a gift for putting events into historical context. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, he addresses issues of “chronic underinvestment in productive assets.” How will more than six billion people—all wanting a higher standard of living—manage on a planet with dwindling resources? Byron also offers insight into alternative energy sources. They aren’t everything that some people think, but they offer opportunities for investors.

Thought you might find this interesting.

Dear Reader,

Normally I wait until Sunday's Wealth Alert to share this information with you -- but once I watched this presentation I knew that it couldn't wait. You see -- the White House is clueless.

And no one in the Pentagon will talk about this 1,354 year old war...

This burning Middle Eastern war could rocket the price of oil straight up.

So you'd better start protecting yourself right now. Get all the details in this urgent presentation: Make sure your volume is up.

[ http://clicks.hsibaltimore.com//t/AQ/AAMgqQ/AAMqSg/AALMsA/AQ/Atca8w/Phz9

To your health -- and protection,

Paul Amos
Associate Director

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15th November 2010, 21:49
Good Lord! War in the middle east? You don't say.......
There has been trouble there for 1300 years & oil is key? I did not know that......
You want all my money because you can protect me from the effects? Great!
One long commercial. :wof::suspicious::(

15th November 2010, 22:58
Of course it is an advertisement, I mentioned that in the post. And yes, the Middle East is always in disension.

Robstar, in Houston you may have gotten all the info about the large number of schools closing in Yemen and Abu Dhabi's large purchase of arms from the US, along with the UAE's recent 25 billion $ purchase from US and our commitment of 20,000 troops. We may not only be watching a stargate in the Gulf. This makes a better cover story for the troops being sent there. Sorry, I didn't get the memo on this nor did I find any of it reported on mainstream news. I will look at every ad, movie and video to see if I can find another piece of the puzzle.

The PTB are looking for a big war to get started and the recent pressure from the Shia this might provide the catalyst without an entry from Israel. Their current numbers are growing daily. Whoever controls the gulf, controls the oil. What I would like to know, are the troops we have had near Yemen near the stargate the same 20,000 or have we sent more? That whole story has gone to the back burner.

I know this Byron King wants investors, but sometimes you get a little info here and a little from there. And sometimes, what you don't think of as a clue may hold a piece of the puzzle.

It was not my intention to hold anyone captive to an advertisement.

17th November 2010, 03:37
More about the tensions in the Middle East and the missing nukes from Israel. This is from Gordon Duff, Veterans Today.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic officer of UN humanitarian groups. Gordon Duff's articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest.


November 11, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff · 354 Comments
Synthetic Aperture


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

“The 2010 election had one purpose, war with Iran, even if the risk is world conflict and the real loser, no matter what happens on the battlefield is the United States.”

Plans are in motion for a “false flag” attack on America. Iran will be blamed, everyone knows that and Iran will be totally innocent. This is the last thing Iran would ever want. The most likely scenario is a nuclear attack. Two bombs are missing, bombs built by Israel in South Africa and lost long ago. These were supposedly Saddam’s bombs. Now we are told Iran has them. Israel has had them all along and the fear, they may be inside the United States already.

The Israeli game with these weapons is one of the worst kept secrets in the world and has already cost the deaths of many. It will take nothing short of the detonation of one of this Hiroshima sized Israeli nukes to push America into Israel’s war with Iran, much as hunting for these nukes which Israel informed President Bush were in Iraq, led “the decider” to making one of the many blunders of his career. Our next 9/11 will be nuclear.

To read more see the article, if there is no interest in another opinion, don't bother.


17th November 2010, 05:27
More fear porn :(

While the risk of nuclear confrontation is real, we have "friends in high places" who are watching over us. Eventually our actions will lead to them "showing their hand".

They've held off on direct intervention so far, (and I'm not talking about them saving us - that would be counter-productive) but I think the actions of the elite will leave them no choice. All they have to do is let us know we're not alone (I honestly don't believe most people truly know this yet - they're too busy trying to live)...

Most people don't want these wars, dont want the bombings, but TPTB sponsor these things so they continue to happen.

I don't really know what it will take to stop it all.... The only thing I think will wake us up is if we know without a doubt that we have friends in high places that *WILL NOT* allow this craziness to continue! SOMETHING has to give, and SOON!

Because this is all just insane. We have to stop living and start ***LIVING***

17th November 2010, 17:16
BE VERY VERY AFRAID, hopefully you will become such a prisoner of your own neuro-adrenal complex that TPTB can do whatever they want with you, your family, your community, and your countries. This is the mantra - be very afraid. Be haunted by visions of destruction and mayhem. Then in your utter despair, confusion and self-hatred, you will turn to us, the less-than-1%, to solve all of your problems.


17th November 2010, 18:04
but on the brighter side, the leader of US forces in the middle east says...

US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says UN sanctions have hit Iran hard and created a rift between the country's supreme leader and president.

He said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei feared that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was "lying" about the impact of sanctions.

The UN has slapped four rounds of economic penalties on Iran over its disputed nuclear weapons programme.

Mr Gates argued against a military strike on Iran, saying it would only unite the country against the West...

Military Intelligence at a very important moment... (http://www.iranfocus.com/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=22224:gates-says-iran-leadership-rift-over-nuclear-sanctions&catid=8:nuclear&Itemid=45)