View Full Version : Barbados planning to replace queen as head of state

25th March 2015, 17:22
Finally they can overthrow her atleast this time.


25th March 2015, 17:36
I believe the Queen has been inaugerated as Queen of the United Nations in some way. Not entirely sure how this works as like everything else, it doesn't have emphasis in main stream media.

So, Barbados and other island Nations are installing Preidents who bow their heads to the United Nations. So what has changed?

UK is beset with arguments within the devolution debate, focussing the publics attention on the age old divide of the Scots versus the English. Yet, there are few joiurnalistic pundits warning any decision made regarding the seperation of Scotland from England will also apply to the devolution of major cityscapes into private ownership. Each will probably have there own "President" claiming all ownership of the rites of the citizens.

This problem is rife across the Northern hemisphere especially in the west. Australia and New Zealand are also buckling to this trend too. It's all being hidden from the General Public whom are deflected from focus on the detail.