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17th November 2010, 18:12
Hello Avalonians,

Bill Ryan wrote in Clif High, The Simpsons, and New Age Priests:
Re who to listen to nowadays, this is a great question and is worth a thread of its own. That might be a good idea, and I'd encourage you to start one.

Bill makes a very good suggestion, and I've been thinking along the same lines for the last little while myself ... so I'm taking the opportunity here to start a thread for the purposes of separating the wheat from the chaff (of information transmission).

To get things started off, I've uncovered two highly dubious individuals that had infiltrated the truth movement, Joyce Reilly and Dave von Kleist (The Power Hour). I have doubts about Dr. Rebecca Carley, also. Is she a gatekeeper charged with the task of minimizing damage?


The following is Peter Kawaja's account of the connection between Gulf War I, secret experiments performed on American soldiers (related to the use of gas masks), and chemtrails! It portends of a modern day bubonic plague waiting to be unleashed on the world's populations. I cannot overemphasize the significance of what Peter Kawaja claims. This is serious stuff!

http://www.lategreatpeterkawaja.com/Real Gulf War Story.html


ps: Rebecca Carley was endorsed by Alex Jones in the youtube video below, though it's possible that Alex Jones was duped by the woman (as was Linda Kennedy before him):


Things get curious-er and curious-er as we descend into the rabbit hole. Here's some more information on Dr. Rebecca Carley:


17th November 2010, 19:40
Alex Jones "duped" - Alex Jones IS a dupe............

17th November 2010, 20:39
Bill Ryan made I think and excellent suggestion today that someone begin a thread on this subject. I don't know about the rest of you but with limited time and energy it is increasingly important to narrow the band width of incoming information to the highest quality possible.

As a practical matter as many have noted there are nuggets of good info mixed in with the bad. Please consider responding to this thread with your own personal list of credible information sources both individuals and otherwise. I know it is risky because there will not be absolute consensus on this issue but at least it is an honest effort to winnow the wheat from the chaff.

Here is my first stab at what I consider to be good and reliable informational sources:

Economic Issues - Dylan Ratigan

17th November 2010, 20:39
Hi Ahkenaten,

Alex Jones "duped" - Alex Jones IS a dupe............

I'm totally confused about Alex Jones. He's the one nut I have yet to crack and find out what's inside. A large intellectual part of me believes him; an equally large emotional part of me wants to believe him ... so it would seem a no-brainer to go ahead and believe him, wot? You would think so. But a small nagging part of me keeps wondering whether he is a gatekeeper (e.g. you know, whether he may be the Pied Piper of Austin leading his followers into a cul-de-sac of sorts)?


ps: Until it can be proven otherwise, I'm siding with my intellectual and emotional whales against my nagging minnows. Don't let me down, Alex! (FWIW, I don't think you will).

17th November 2010, 20:59
Hi Zook - I have made jokes about Alex Jones' larynx (his voice print ID grates on my nerves terribly) but my personal belief is that is is a shill ( or SHRILL) for TPTB. I believe his primary function is as a tar-baby, that is a place where people who resonate to his pronouncements can be effectively captured and monitored if need be under the outmoded and antiquated notion that everyone who migrates to his site is a potential person of interest. I am not too concerned about that particular issue as a very close friend of mine with expertise and knowledge in this area told me that the so-called intelligence agencies are so swamped with information these days due to all their duplicative surveillance activities (mostly proliferating due to the zealous salesmanship of vendors in combination with the revolving door between govt. jobs and private industry that makes for such good business) that without adequate humit they have no way of really getting any actionable intelligence on all this information. Even so, I think that people like Alex Jones and others of his ilk reek of the fear vibe and last year in particular when he was trumpeting all over the internet that some international military force had set up operations in a small town in the Pacific Northwest - a story that turned out to be not true - are active disinformation agents and safety valves like the Tea Partiers, inventions designed to let steam out of the pressure cooker before it blows up.

As Bob Dylan put it so well..............."Don't follow leaders and watch the parking meters." Just because you are paranoid as they say in politics, does NOT mean that someone isn't trying to F**K with you.

17th November 2010, 21:04
Alex Jones;
Town crier, business man.
I tell everyone that he is good, in his place.
I basically see him as the spokesman for "Conspiracy 101".

The rest is rather "puffish" and sensational.
I don't place blame on someone making a living. But the problem seems more that people want to hang on someone's every word, not that he is willing to talk.


17th November 2010, 21:17
Definitely agree that funneling of interesting contact is a time saver , without opinions or short opinions , but credible , how is that measured , when the reality of our understanding is most probably so far from real understanding that how would we know what is credible , unless credible is that we agree on mass , back to square one .
is avalon credible , i dont know , but it is a great forum for possibility and collecting info and seeing what seems to be coming up in opposing views .
I never look at anyone view or opinion and believe it over any other until a common theme seems to be popping up in all media outlets , even then it only becomes more interesting , but i wouldnt say credible .
so this for me is of great interest for me at this MOMENT and has been for a week or more but credible , well we will only know as the moments unroll


_hit that was long winded

next time only name or link you have my credible word on that .( as worldruler )

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looking serious today fred

17th November 2010, 21:19
I heartily agree with you that common themes cropping up here and there means that issue may be interesting (a trend) and that in itself does not mean that it is credible. But why you keep pushing this particular video IS somewhat interesting. What pray are you trying to insert into the collective consciousness by so doing Mr. "World Ruler" ?