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16th May 2015, 08:41
Life, as always, takes a back seat to the need to gather money in.

As a kidney transplant patient I was interested to read at the end of last year about the possibility of cloning organs from your own cells. I didn't think that fell under the umbrella of transhumanism, if generated from your own cells.


Just today I discover a concerted plan to shut the research down.


16th May 2015, 13:57
It's actually cell regeneration, but you can't tell the uninformed of science that. They think it's cloning. I believe that the Creator of all including knowledge wouldn't have allowed man/humans this technological solution to shortages of damaged organs if it wasn't the time to use it. It's a heck of a lot better than what they did in South America. They used to kidnap the children that were wondering around and take organs for black market for elites, leaving the child barely stitched with no follow up doctor, on the side of the roads. I believe if science can simply reproduce an organ necessary to have the whole body healed of affliction, then let it be so/make it so. Children, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles can live with this medical science discovery. Black market is the only one against it. Body parts, like hearts livers and kidneys are how they survive. Petrie dish it, and repair the human body to function as God intended. Lots of man's toxins cause birth defects, then let it be a way to correct that toxic ignorance against the human body.

Fairy Friend
16th May 2015, 18:26
There's more than one way to regenerate an organ. Skin, Thyroids, breasts, liver are easy and can be done with no blastophere required. I read a research paper where 4/5 of the liver was removed and with a high protein diet regenerated. Nerves, heart....require different thinking. You need your blood to pump while growing another heart.

Skin easiest of all because you just need it to function long enough for the cells to protect the body from infections. Then they die, will slough off and the persons own normal cells grow and take over. DNA can be a messed up and it doesn't matter but can't be done with nerve cells to repair the brain. DNA must be presteen. Mostly slow progress there. Kidneys are in between, a bit complex.