View Full Version : Is there any light at the end of this long, dark tunnel?

17th May 2015, 10:01
I'm posting this in the health and wellness section as it seems most appropriate right now.
I have always held on to the belief that love and an unfolding awakening will see us through to a better and more compassionate world because I do believe that humanity's collective heart holds goodness at its core.
This morning I woke to news that Isis are advancing on the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria where lie vulnerable ancient ruins. I then read an excellent article about how my country is set to become the most right wing in Europe after our disastrous general election.
Right now I'm not sure my heart can stand much more and I know I'm super sensitive but I can't shake off the feeling that it's just about game over.
The ptb seem always to be one step ahead of the game and my heart is breaking because of all this destruction of everything that is precious in our world.
I seldom put this out in the public domain but I guess it's a bit of a cry for help because I don't know any more how to get through these dark times we find ourselves in.

17th May 2015, 10:10
As long as there is life, there is hope.

We will make it.

17th May 2015, 11:52

Your post contained the statement, “Right now I'm not sure my heart can stand much more and I know I'm super sensitive but I can't shake off the feeling that it's just about game over”. I understand how you can conclude “game over” as you learn about the many ways the world is being destructed.

Many times negative feelings are elicited by pictures that we see or pictures we see in our mind. The following link contains a pointer to a process that may assist in shaking off the feeling of “game over”. As you remove the feeling associated with the many pictures, the “game over” feeling may decrease or complete be removed.


Be In Peace,

17th May 2015, 11:58
Sometimes it's best to just switch the news and internet of and energise yourself.many of us have been were you are right now

Innocent Warrior
17th May 2015, 12:22

Sorry Gaia, couldn't resist.

Well you have a wonderful avi there, angelfire. You'll find lots of Rumi, Mooji, Tolle and other empowering spiritual material on greybeard's thread, "Enlightenment and related matters (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?860-Enlightenment-and-related-matters.)". This is a thread which I'm a relative newcomer to but feel very relaxed and comfortable with, they're a warm, friendly and super interesting bunch.

Another popular community thread that may also interest you is ulli's thread, "Here and Now...What's Happening (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?30405-Here-and-Now...What-s-Happening)". The Villagers share and discuss a huge variety of material, mostly about whatever they are currently experiencing.

A thread that I am most familiar with is Wind's thread, "Surfing with Wind (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?69588-Surfing-with-Wind)", this is similar in nature to greybeard's thread, except that it is where we share and discuss anything and everything beautiful. A thread I find highly helpful in assisting me to stay centred.

Update: I second what samildamach wrote too.

17th May 2015, 13:26
Its a question of looking in the right places.

There is an amazing amount of good going on.
Thing is, that the not so good, is noisy and attention seeking.
The people helping people with compassion and respect, is going on all around us quietly and rarely seeking more than a smile and a thank you.

People give, sometimes from the very little they have, to earth quake appeals and all manner of good works.
The recipients will never know you personally, you will probably get a thank you from the charity you donated to, but that's it.

Consciousness is rising have no doubt of this.

With love

17th May 2015, 16:09
Angelfire, the human spirit is alive and well no matter the odds. I would venture to say 95 % or more of the worlds population are genuinely good , peaceful, and loving people from all races from all parts of the world. It is the small portion of the world, the people driven by greed, power, sociopaths and psychopaths that indeed make the news and the headlines. When you think you are being drained of your energy, I call it being sucked into the vortex, stop for a moment, say a prayer, ask for guidance from your guardian angels and feel the love and protection . Then continue on your path of what you are suppose to do here as you are much stronger and wiser . :)

17th May 2015, 17:19
Always be mindful of the power of the various psy-ops programs we are constantly bombarded with. How else can you account for the re-election of David Cabal Cameron. People are either not waking up, they're ignorant or its media brainwashing and mind control, or, most likely all three

17th May 2015, 18:03
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your words of wisdom, love and positivity.
I do know that there are so many amazing acts of kindness in this world and I really do believe that by far the majority of humankind is good and peace-loving. I'm probably spending too much time on my own these days which is circumstantial and yes, Samildamach, it is time to turn off the headlines and to focus more on the beauty that is around me. Just that it was all too much for me this morning although that feeling has been building over the last few weeks.
Obwan and Innocent Warrior - I'll take your advice and have a wander through these threads.
On a lighter note, as I don't post here very often, can someone explain to me how to wrap round quotes from posts so that they can be more clearly responded to?

In hope for a much, much brighter world.

¤=[Post Update]=¤

Or Yelik, the whole damned shenanigans was rigged.

17th May 2015, 19:06
Maybe we shouldn't be looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, but more to to the light that burns within ourselves.
It can hide behind smoke and mirrors, but it is there; I stand by that.
I thinks it's very important to be aware of what's going on in the world, but I suppose we sometimes tend to forget it's our inward misery and confusion that's creating this outside mess.

Anyway, I rarely post something, but felt I had to say this!
Don't forget to have some fun!

17th May 2015, 20:53
I believe that WE carry our own light.
If you live your life walking on the dark side, i mean, hating, envying, wishing all sort of bad things for all around you just because you cannot accept the difference or you cannot see anyone happy, you becomes like a dark matter and your light will be so weak and will disappear.
Nowadays we are surrounded with all sort of dark feelings when we see the news and all about what is going on the planet but in my opinion this is just because the humanity is running to the wrong way. The "light at the end of tunnel" is our responsibility not as individuals but as community.

17th May 2015, 21:36
On a lighter note, as I don't post here very often, can someone explain to me how to wrap round quotes from posts so that they can be more clearly responded to?

Hi angelfire :)

If you open up your post in edit mode (click on "Edit Post", which is at the bottom of every post you make), you can see the HTML quote parameters, around every thing you said. If you copy the two QUOTE parameters at the beginning and end of a statement, it puts a darker background box around the whole thing.

I have to take off the first character "[" and the last character "]" so you can see what I mean: QUOTE=Example for angelfire] Blah blah blah. [/QUOTE

Adding the first and last bracket back in, gives you a box like so:

Blah blah blah.

See how "blah blah blah" is inside a quote box now?

When you click on "Reply With Quote", you can see the same HTML quote wrapper around everything someone else said too.

Once you see that in the "Reply With Quote" post you are creating, you can also edit the quoted material to say the part you wish to reply to, as I did with your post above.

Hope this helps. :)