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11th June 2015, 04:20
To see the machine in a grain of sand
Hold the ghost within every seed
Remove all the ticks from the back of your hand
With a stone that came out of a weed....

An early Turtle in a truck
Leaves intersections out of luck...
A Grizzly Bear inside a plane
Makes auto-pilots think again..
Canaries carry my twelve-gauge
Black Crows tear webs from every page...
Angry Birds with third-eye phones
Crash all the airborne predator drones...
Piranha school taught me so much
Great White turns red at slightest touch...
A Tiger flies across the sky
Who will catch her in their eye?

- Seymour Vandal

Below is the beginning of William Blake's perceptual bungee cord - "Augeries of Innocence"

To see a World in a Grain of Sand 
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour....

A Robin Red breast in a Cage
Puts all Heaven in a Rage...
Begone now Blake - this My page
We learned That phrase at Tender Age...

What's with the random capitals anyway? I mean, if you're going to translate something - at least translate it into English. The Catholic Church does that a lot in their ancient documents, and it serves only to confuse the reader. 

Speaking of confusion, the reason I chose the words 'perceptual bungee cord' is because in the beginning of Blake's poem our attention is taken from the whole word down a tiny grain of sand, then back up to heaven, down to a flower, out to the Universe at large, then smack into the sweaty palm of reality. At the end we get stuffed into a clock. Only then do they let us play with the animals.

Blake begins by mentioning 'a world' - not 'the world', merely some non-specific world that we're left to imagine. He does the same thing with the word 'heaven'. He's being non-specific on purpose by saying 'a heaven' instead of simply 'heaven'. 

There's only one 'world' that matters to his readers - the one with the animals on it - and anything else is fiction, which means it's not useful intellectually. Similarly, there's only one 'heaven' in the minds of his readers - the one the church described. 

Heaven is the word they gave us to imagine a perfect environment, since they had already started to wreck the one we have - you know - the one with the animals. (Dante actually gave us the first pictures of 'hell' - not the church. The fire and brimstone were Dante's graphic version of an imaginary place the church made up to scare us, but never described visually.)
Anyway, the point is - words may be specific or non-specific. The way our perceptive organ really works is probably the most secret subject that matters to everybody, but is never discussed. Trust me - even though he was Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays was just an apprentice - that's why they printed his books.

Certainty, or specificity is one of the most important 'axes' or 'measures' that we use when perceiving real life situations, words on a page, or pictures inside glass computers. The thing about English is - you can often make the same statement in a dozen different ways, and the perspective you employ does more to influence the reader than the subject matter being presented.

The words 'world' and 'heaven' should invoke the same pictures inside everybody's mind, but they don't anymore. Science fiction has a lot to do with that, and it all began with the promotion of dazzling, but intellectually hurtful artwork like Blake's. If we go back far enough - I'll bet 'heaven' and 'the world' were the same place indeed.

By comparing 'the world' and 'heaven' like that, he's separated them in our mind. Even if you thought they were the same place before reading his poem - you'd probably feel like you 'learned something' from this 'great artist's' point of view. This will definitely alter your beliefs about the world - and you won't even know it. That's why Blake's work is so famous, and that's why he's getting Vandalized.

Blake invokes two other elements that can't possibly exist by their very definition. Definitions are tools of measure just like clocks and rulers are. Scientists use the speed of light (time) to measure both time and distance astronomically. Since 'eternity' and 'infinity' are said to exist beyond any tools of measure - they can't, by definition, exist to be measured in the first place. Why would such an incredibly skilled artist use words that have such vague meaning?

Maybe Blake was just dizzy all the time and he wanted to share that with the world at large. Either that, or he was influenced by whomever was signing his pay checks. (Gasp, you say?) Remember - Blake illustrated Dante's 'Divine Comedy' in the late 18th century - 400 years after it was written so, it wasn't a huge gamble for the publisher. 

If you think about it this way, you'll see there's nothing special enough about any particular work of art to warrant the respect and trust we so innocently grant them. I should know because I've commissioned scores of them from dozens of artists all over the world. 

Creative people paint or write about whatever they 'see', unless they're getting paid for it - then you have to tell them exactly what to do. A truly 'great work' is one that effectively delivers the message intended by its makers, and that means only it's creators can judge the quality of any particular piece.

Before I hire an artist, I look for their own reflection within their artwork. This shows me how they see the world, and that matters more to me than their skill with media or attention to detail. Within this context, the best pictures are always produced by children. (see below)

The reason Blake's work is so hard to understand is because it's supposed to be. Even if fame was granted post-humously, William Blake has been working for money this whole time - not for me and you.


Ps - This is what your 'braintree' looks like. The only reason I know, is because I asked my ten-year old niece what they look like. 'Braintree' is just a word that I made up, but she drew this picture from the world wide well without any other instructions at all, then I stamped that quote by 'Trueman' upon it. 

She applied three perspectives to this picture - as they relate to the Human Condition - global, cultural and personal points of view, which is perfect because I always try to do that with my own work. Speaking from the position of creator, co-creator, co-missioner, artist, director or producer, this is a real masterpiece - even without Trueman's contribution.

I could write a whole book about this picture, but I'm already doing that with mainstream artwork, so I wrote a short song instead - in the form of a riddle - just for Project Avalon. It's supposed to sound like the Hunger Games 'Hanging Tree' song: Hang it high in your braintree and then come talk to me....


Are you...am I...innocent like me?
My brain stem is bruised in the shade of mystery
Take the time to notice that which is but shouldn't be
'Cause you, and I'm...still innocent like me

11th June 2015, 06:18
I should point out I am a big fan of Blake, and forgive me if I misunderstood you but I believe your saying Blake was being non specific to remove the connection with wonder in our world. However by being non-specific 'to see a world in a grain of sand', I believe he is opening peoples minds to the infinity and interconnectedness with the cosmos of our very own world. And as a flower is within our world surely he is purveying a heaven or any of the infinite heavens are really part of our world.

In my eyes Blake was a light in the darkness in those times and if he was being paid by a malicious force then surely he would have produced far darker works.

11th June 2015, 11:27
If his work was so beneficial, why was it chosen as the psycho killer's inspiration in the 'Red Dragon' movie? I like viewing him, too - but I've come to understand the effect such imagery has on us. It's easy to defend what's familiar, rather than considering new points of view. The bulk of Blake's work supports the mythology of the Catholic Church. How's that working out for us?

Also, money is already considered a malicious force. We don't call it the root of all evil for nothing. We stick mirrors in our own eyes whenever they get too close to the truth. Thanks for the thoughts!

11th June 2015, 12:07
Search for the Invisible Man in the Mirror of Eternity , Fascinating

like the Uncertainty Principle ,

will He appear from the Mirror or not ,

waiting for God , for Godot , or was that your dog yet to come .. to complete the great work

you've been disconnected from internet .. oh , let me laugh at you ...

:panda: :love:

The original meaning , original meaning - mumbles the old head - has never changed , never altered its path from its purpose . Forget the rest ...

Peace 2U :angel:

11th June 2015, 16:34
uhhh, well, you know all those people in the 800's?

That was us.

And all those people again in the ... I don't know, pick another time ... the 1400's? Yeah. Us again.

I've never really done any of this sort of analysis on one of us who wrote WHATEVER in a time gone by. As you will die its' irrelevance is as paramount.

What matters today is the living words of ... you guessed it, the very same people, only: current.

"The first time someone swung an axe into The Tree of Life itself we should have descended upon them like a pack of Hyenas and devoured them for doing that."

Today, The Tree of Life looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

I think all we need do is stand in the present. It's a frightening perspective these days, yet if we're not going to do so ourselves at some point there won't be anything more for us to read of in the future, right?

(i can and will come back and edit and extrapolate more on this, I'm time constrained atm, but for now that's the core)

13th June 2015, 20:49
I know you said you'd come back, but I couldn't resist.

It's the AXE I'm after. The most basic machine - the knife - becomes a mirror when you work it past a certain point. Past say, the polish needed to access pineapple juice. The mirror is a doorway to something else that cannot be described. Period. We think this whole mess is our fault, but it's not - there's something else to be considered. Not named, not described, not 'called', and certainly not understood - just considered.

Thank you!

13th June 2015, 20:52
Search for the Invisible Man in the Mirror of Eternity , Fascinating

like the Uncertainty Principle ,

will He appear from the Mirror or not ,

waiting for God , for Godot , or was that your dog yet to come .. to complete the great work

you've been disconnected from internet .. oh , let me laugh at you ...

:panda: :love:

The original meaning , original meaning - mumbles the old head - has never changed , never altered its path from its purpose . Forget the rest ...

Peace 2U :angel:

I love it! Thank you! But...didn't you mean to say 'God-bot'? ;)

13th June 2015, 21:06
No , not really , I'm brushing my time-space - less perspective more likely , .. not much to the rest ..


14th June 2015, 12:44
Well (deep topic) as this thread is called "Earth's Living Things" I guess I could add here that there will be no more riding of horses when there are no more horse remaining.

Then what?

15th June 2015, 03:10
Yeah don't get me started on the whole 'living thing' category - that's an oxymoron - and it's the unspoken root of the human condition. Horses bear gender since they are ALIVE. Things do not breathe so they aren't. One cannot be both!

Personally, couldn't imagine jumping on an animal's back unless he asked me to, or jumped on me first. I have a feeling that nobody could - unless a great beast was reduced to a mere 'thing' in the eye of the beholder. This is the whole reason I juxtaposed these two elements in my OP poem!

15th June 2015, 03:15
No , not really , I'm brushing my time-space - less perspective more likely , .. not much to the rest ..


I hope you keep it up - it's obviously working