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1st July 2015, 17:07
The body has its own inner wisdom that is often ignored in a cerebral world that values the intellect and logic above all else.

I see myself as being here not to escape a prison planet and find a better place to go but instead to transform this world into the better place to be. To do this it is helpful to be centered and to find our centre and connection to this Earth that is our home.

"We cannot align with the body’s subtle genius by adopting new ideas about ‘how to be’. In fact, to be directed by ideas, however progressive, is to be ruled by the head. What is needed is a new experience that will put us in touch with our being so that it can speak to us about all that is. We need practices that will help us beyond ‘listening to the body’ and instead enable us to listen to the world through the body. The task is not to make the body do new things that are good for us, but to surrender the tyrant’s place in the head and yield to our embodied wisdom – which belongs to the world as much as to us, and knows the whole so intimately that it recognizes its steadfast, unseen gaze in each individual pebble, star and blade of grass.

Many exercises are available to help us, and many are needed – you cannot simply wish your way into a unity of being. One exercise that is central to my own work is called The Elevator Shaft. It is designed to bring you home to your true center – the place in which all the orbiting concerns of your life are brought into coherence, and the harmony that guides the world is disclosed. To begin the exercise you need to locate your perineum. It sits in the center of the pelvic floor, amid all those parts of yourself our culture warns us not to discuss in polite company. You locate the perineum by engaging the muscle that you use to stop yourself from peeing. Once you locate it, relax and bring your attention to your breath. Allow the wave of the in-breath to deepen into the body until it makes contact with the perineum, and then release the out-breath from there. Be patient with this.

Now imagine within your body an empty shaft that runs from the top of your head down to your perineum. The back of this shaft includes the spine, and the main part sits in front of it. At the top of the shaft, up in the head, locate the center of your awareness. This is ‘the elevator’, and you can experience it in any shape or form that feels right to you. You’ll find that you can actually move it around inside your head – back and forth, or side to side, or even in a circle.

Now allow that center of your awareness to begin a smooth descent through the shaft. This is not an exercise in imagination – it is about actually feeling that centre moving down through your body, the way a pearl might sink through a jar of olive oil in search of its resting place. It’s important to feel its journey continuously, without gaps or jumps. And if you should find at any point that the elevator stalls out and seems unable to drop further, understand this as a gift. That is, you have disclosed a little shadow or block in the body – part of your Berlin Wall, standing between you and the core of your being. If you offer that shadow your full acceptance and your love, it will warm and soften and recede into the whole, so that the elevator can resume its descent.

By supporting the journey of your centered awareness with patience and loving attention, you’ll find that the elevator can continue its descent until it arrives at the perineum. When it does, when the center of your conscious awareness comes to rest there, simply pay attention to how different the world feels, to your sense of wholeness, and to any emotions that might stir to the surface. By remaining at rest on the perineum, you are allowing all the scattered bits of your life to come into relationship with the core of your being, integrating and harmonizing. The more often you return to the core of your being, the easier the journey becomes, and the more natural it feels.

You can practice the Elevator Shaft exercise virtually anywhere and at any time: in a grocery store or a boardroom, while partying with friends or lying alone in bed. Practicing it helps not only you, but those around you too. The influence of anyone who is grounded – clear and present in their body – spreads out gently and slowly, like ripples in a pond. By returning to your own center, you help others do the same. You also come to understand that only in feeling the present as a whole can you be ushered into your own wholeness. It is an understanding that promotes compassion, responsibility, and the instinct to nurture. It is an understanding the world desperately needs. Let the revolution begin."
- Philip Shepherd


1st July 2015, 17:13
There's a subtle, underlying manipulation agenda running through a lot of "traditional" meditation practices - but, here is a simple practice to align with the body and that can be used alongside Philip Shepherd's "Elevator Shaft" exercise , the "Tibetan Pulse Synchronization" technique.

To begin, close your eyes and take a deep inhale through your nose for a count of five; hold for a count of three; aaaand gently release through your mouth for a count of five.
Now, keep your eyes closed and your breath steady; place the top two fingers of your left hand to the left side of your jawline and find the pulse of your carotid artery; bring the top two fingers of your right hand over your belly button (you can do this over your clothing).
There is a subtle echo of your heartbeat occurring within your belly button – it’s too faint for your awareness to detect but your fingers will pick up on it.
Bring all of your focus to your breath, and to the feeling of your pulse in your neck – notice how these two elements begin to connect with each other…the inner heartbeat and the outer exhalation of air…synchronize your breath with your heart. Experience each breath as a gift; feel every breath as a bridge between form and formlessness - the sacred vow between spirit and matter.., the mechanism that transforms possibility into energy, and transmutes that once more into activity. Feel gratitude for experiencing these gifts, which allow you to participate in the wonders of Life.
Keeping your eyes closed, bring your awareness into the room around you – feel the presence of the pulsations of Life Itself - the "I AM/WE ARE/IT IS" harmonic of Source Consciousness that spirals from the void into this reality.
Keep your eyes closed, stay on the heartbeat of your breath.
In-joy the Upgrade in Awareness

1st July 2015, 18:05
Spiritual kegels! Ive already been doing them for less altruistic purposes LOL but I really enjoyed the concept of listening to the world through the body

29th November 2015, 09:30
Loveoflife, you joined template ceremonies? That is where I learned this technique.