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10th July 2015, 17:05
I felt I wanted to share a profound detail about a profound experience I had a number of years ago. I found myself in an incredibly peaceful, very light, very emotional and very happy world and I was able to communicate with God emotionally, I was in direct contact with absolute truth. So I asked this question: How can I find to this place from where I am in my life currently, I want so badly to find this happiness, love and peace?!

And the answer I got was very simple: Just love unconditionally.

10th July 2015, 18:24
Hey White Love!
You asked for it and here you go...the answer. Just love unconditionally.
It happened to me as well, the whole procedure.
Here the work begins...thats the real journey

Love what is, under any circumstances that will arise.
But use discernment, it is your way to go trough this shift

10th July 2015, 21:23
you are White Love, no other way around. Thank you brother for sharing, i love you.
wonderfull, simple, direct, profound... love it

10th July 2015, 22:58
If one can, every moment of everyday, turn your emotional attitude toward at least one of these three states: Gratitude, Appreciation, Praise (the elements of unconditional love when expressed exclusively of other emotions), then you will eventually learn to live full time expressing only those states. It takes hard, hard dedication and practice to the level an athlete would require, to maintain expression of one of these states consistently.

Consider a human has what can be called an "etheric antenna" - each human has one, but they are all shut down and closed off. It needs to be encouraged to come out, open and spread like the wings of an angel where it sends and receives the high frequency information that connects all things in this Universe. The only environment that this antenna can operate in is an environment of pure love, and the "owner" of the antenna has to create that unconditional love.

The antenna opens slowly over time, even when the environment is an expression of gratitude, appreciation or praise; it has to strengthen like a butterfly who has newly risen out of his cocoon -- he must bath in the energy of the sun for his wings to fill out and become strong so they may become effective. The Human ethereal antenna is extremely sensitive to negative energy; this is a safeguard; any negative energy you create within yourself (or allow yourself to receive (which is, in the end, creating it yourself)), no matter how small, will cause your antenna to immediately retract and withdraw, and thus you must begin this process all over, until you can stay consistently expressing unconditional love ...

When one has gone through this process, and their ethereal antenna is open and functioning, one will understand what has been termed "ascension".

Lost N Found
11th July 2015, 01:24
Here in the flesh we dwell and this is the hard road we asked for. When we were in the spirit/energy and of one with the Creator, we were given this choice to be here so that we can learn things only here in this plane. I spend TIME daily in conversation with God, I don't always get answers to my questions but then I don't always ask questions but rather just be in of the love. I do more often these days come to tears about what we as man has done to this creation around us. I think about what God Must be going through to watch this, That is a tearful and painful thought. I thank you for your heartfelt thought and confession White Love. The more we do live in the love the more the light blots out the darkness.

11th July 2015, 02:28
wow, people are Lucky to be around you Dedukshyn

Incredible (or rather credible) insight white love.