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14th July 2015, 07:07
Hello Avalonians,

In present times, it is not only listed Targeted Individuals who are being attacked in various ways, but also anyone with a pure intent and high frequency. I have been dealing with some heavy, continuous ones lately, which is why I have not been on Avalon much. I wanted to share this excellent video for anyone who is feeling attacked, and these attacks, in addition to the standard TI methods, can manifest in many ways, such as friends or family members suddenly acting up around you, people turning against you, people spreading lies about you, and bizarre events around you that seem to make no sense, but nethertheless pull your energy down.

This one and a half hour show is the BEST synopsis of the whole "Archons/Entities/Spiritual parasite" phenomenon I have yet come across. I love it because it is explained simply and one understands easily what is occurring, the data is applicable across the board, and the host, Vinny, keeps it light and jovial even though discussing a heavy subject, which is the perfect approach in this kind of situation.


In addition to that video, there are also these three excellent articles, which have already been posted, but that I am including here as supplementary contextual references, so that you do not have to search for it.

Have You Experienced Interference With People Close To You? (http://in5d.com/have-you-experienced-interference-with-people-close-to-you/)

Is What I’m Feeling All ‘Mine’? (http://in5d.com/is-what-im-feeling-all-mine/)

How to raise your personal vibration (http://in5d.com/how-to-raise-your-personal-vibration/)

Love and strength to everyone!


14th July 2015, 12:49
Thank you, Arwen. Fabulous podcast.

I once fell asleep while being deeply distressed about violence toward animals. I had childhood experiences which make me especially attuned to this evil. I couldn't understand what to do to combat this evil. I thought that to understand and change it I had to somehow ingest the evil to transform it. Upon falling asleep, I was met by a brilliantly white luminescent being. The being told me I couldn't incorporate the evil but had to shield myself from it. I then found myself out of my body being shown a previous life as a shepard in the middle east. This was one of the most transforming experiences of my life. However, I continue to deal with negative attacks and attachments from my childhood wounds. This video provided me with a lot of support and new resources. Thanks again, K

Nature Spirit
14th July 2015, 14:31
I've had quite a few attacks myself, but I speak out all the time so people don't like that. I don't much care for the superficial, shallow conversations preferring to get straight to the point. I recently questioned animals abuse by one of my neighbors and he raged against me enough that I had to call the police and file a report. He's quite mentally unbalanced on a regular day never mind me inquiring about his dog. It seems he was keeping his 17 year old dog in the garage (not heated) while he went to work. The dog can't walk, is deaf and half blind and he had the dog on heavy pain killers everyday for who knows what. The dog cried all day long which everyone in the neighborhood heard. This poor dog was there all winter in 10* weather slowly freezing.

Animal souls contact me to allow them to pass from this world and this poor dog was doing that very strongly. The police had to get involved and talk to the guy and within 2 days he put the dog down. We guardians of Gaia take a beating but we must do what we do for the betterment of all.

14th July 2015, 15:07
Bless you, Nature Spirit. We have to fight for those who can't do it for themselves. I've been involved in animal rescue my entire adult life, rehoming +1,300 cats and +50 dogs while caring for those who could not be placed. In many ways, my love for animals saved me from perpetuating the abuse I suffered as a child. I will never stop fighting for them or being vocal as well. There are many people who treat animals as commodities, I estimate at least 50% are in this camp. It doesn't seem like it is possible to teach compassion. Without compassion, animals are entirely dependent upon those of us who will stand up for them. Fortunately, there are laws on the books to provide some support for those of us who care.

Thank you for all you do.

Bill Ryan
14th July 2015, 16:53

Rightly drawing attention to this very important topic, and this fabulous post by arwen. :sun:

14th July 2015, 17:31
I really liked this quote from your last link Arwen. Sometimes I have to focus very hard to stick to the simplicity of work, kindness, and gratitude.

In the words of Usui-sensei:

For today only…
Do not be angry
Do not be anxious
Be grateful
Work hard and be kind to others…

14th July 2015, 18:37
Yes, important topic, even if one is aware this is happening, it can be difficult to combat. I've been left standing on some occasions, saying to myself, "wait, what just happened here, was that me?"

14th July 2015, 18:38
Hi all,

Thanks for your most appreciated replies, and I am glad the data was helpful. We need to really support each other in these times, and several of my friends have found the video and articles helpful too.

As for those who abuse animals, I can not even comprehend it. I just can not. Animals are expressions of Divine Love, Eternal Essence, pure and innocent, and it just boggles the mind the level of deadening programming on this planet that makes people able to do that. So a heartfelt thank you to you, Nature Spirit, for your defence of them.

Norski, thank you for that story, I found it really interesting. There are times when I am able to take in the evil and transmute it, and other times when I can not. I do not think that there should be a hard and fast rule on this, it should be flexible, and by individual choice. But I do not consider it at all bad to put up boundaries and keep the attacks out, when it is needed.

Your story reminds me of another post I wanted to make, but will simply add it in here, as it is very related to what you shared.

I have recently been questioning the whole "Service to Others" meme. It is pumped out there, that we must become "Service to Others". And on the surface, that sounds good. Most of us want to love, to care, and to help, that is the natural human instinct (when not interfered with).

But recent experiences have had me questioning that. What if "Service to Others" is merely a cover for preparing people to have their energy harvested?

I'll expand: The "Service to Self", or Left Hand Path is an obvious wrong direction. The assumption is that the obvious right direction is "Service to Others", which is the Right Hand path. But why is there this extreme dichotomy? To me, it is a flawed two valued premise, forcing one into one or the other. Being too "Service to Others" opens one to being completely drained. And is that not what our "Archons/Entities/Spiritual parasites" want? And obviously, being too "Service to Self" is not a wise path either. However, one does have to take care of oneself, or one will not be in a state to help others, in any case.

I would consider that it should be individual choice, at any given time, and flexible depending on the circumstances. Would be very interested to hear the thoughts of others on the "Service to Others" meme, which is mostly being accepted without question.

RUSirius - LOL, I SO relate - that has recently happened to me too! :)

Oh and Bill, thanks ever so much for the :bump: :sun:

14th July 2015, 21:31
How wonderful to know you both via Project Avalon! :) I, too fight against cruelty & abuse, and most strongly against species-ism. Have you read the Blog They Want Us to eat Meat? Sorry, I don't have a link to hand. . . I am hoping you are also vegan?

15th July 2015, 07:24
A great time to revisit this topic, I've noticed a big increase in attacks this year, more frequent and ferocious. We must be doing something right. ;)

Sharing a few tips for dealing with archons (can be applied to all dark spirits, demons etc.), from personal experience. Most likely nothing new for most here but helpful for anyone new to this issue.

Main lessons I've learned, so far:

Much of their success relies on us not being aware of how effortlessly powerful we are. I'll only speak for myself with the next two lessons, some may disagree. I can't run or hide from them and I can't fight them (conflict).

About our power; we're light beings with an infinite source of light energy. There is nothing we can't handle. This perspective helps me to be fearless in the face of attacks. I know that no matter what happens, what it looks like will happen, I'll be ok. We also have many other light beings who are here to assist us and they have assisted me with attacks many times. Humans are important to the universe, I liken it (loosely, talking function-wise) to how we see the bees here on Earth. I've also adopted the attitude that each attack is an opportunity to learn, so for me they're empowering, this disempowers them greatly.

Running or hiding from them; well these suckers just don't give up, it's as simple as that. No mater how long I run for or how fast I run, it's still there chasing me.

Fighting them; this only further energises them, conflict is negative. If I fight back, they always come back at me with precisely the same amount of force and ferocity that I fought back with. It only makes it worse.

A couple of examples:

When I was still living with my family, my little sister kept complaining that her bedroom was haunted and would sleep in my Mum's bed each night. After some months of it not getting any better, I offered my sister my room and I took hers. The room was fine for me most of the time, with only a couple on incidents. One of them was a bit full on but the solution very simple, which was not to do anything. I was woken in the middle of the night to find the room completely full of archons. They were black energy in the shape of a slug, each about a foot long. They were moving really fast, in all directions, with very little space between each one, maybe a couple of centimetres. I just watched them for a few moments, marvelling at how they didn't bump into each other. I was a bit concerned but I kept my cool, sensing that if I panicked they would all turn on me, like the fear would give them a connection to me. I wanted to leave the room and looked over at the door but nope, I'd have to run through them to get out, not an option. I looked at my body and noticed there was a clearing of about 20cm between my body and them. They weren't touching me, couldn't touch me, it was like my own light was a shield. I figured the best thing to do was just to go back to sleep, so I did. I slept peacefully, not even a nightmare. A good example of where panicking or fighting could have been disastrous, that room was full of them. In hindsight, maybe my light could have shielded me when I walked though them to leave the room, but that's how it played out anyway, maybe it was best not to run/leave.

Another example of why not to run or fight back. They're crafty, they cornered me somewhat in a dream recently. I get attacked a lot in dreams, it's all the same to them, they feed on energy. The dream began with this mob of people (not really people, dark beings) and they attacked this lady and stabbed her in the back with a huge knife. I jumped in to help the lady and the people scattered but then I was in a quandary, worried about what to do about the knife in the lady's back. My intuition was telling me to remove the knife but I was worried she'd bleed out faster if I did. I pulled the knife out but was scared of what would happen to her now, this was enough to have the people pounce back on us. There was this huge scuffle between myself, the lady and the mob. At one point I felt one of the people punch me really hard in the back. It's unusual to feel pain in my dreams but I was feeling it in this one and have noticed I feel pain, more often than not, in my dreams these days (they always find a way to up the anti, I've noticed). I was fine though, didn't even flinch, was too busy trying to protect the lady, but then everything went black and everyone was gone.

So I'm standing there in blackness for a few moments and then out of nowhere a woman appears, hugs me while tapping on my back where I was punched really hard (still hurting) and she whispers in my ear, "it's ok, you won't die". The moment she said that I "realised" (neat trick) that I hadn't been punched in the scuffle, I'd actually been stabbed in the back (level with my heart) with a big knife. Ok, remain calm, I thought to myself, bit of a problem, need to get some medical help (I wan't lucid).

So I started looking for help but then the woman attacked me. I didn't have time to deal with her, had to get away, so I started running for help. She kept chasing me and I spent the rest of the dream distracted by her chasing and attacking me and never got any help. I knew better than to run but I was mortally wounded, this is what I meant by being cornered. I don't know how long it went on for in real time but it felt like about eight hours, subjective time, in the dream. By the end of it I lost my patience and attacked her, she'd morphed into a cat at this point (really slick shape-shifers). I was throttling her and a scene from Star Wars manifested, the one where Darth Vader throws the emperor down that huge shaft, so I threw her down the shaft. Big mistake, she bounded up the shaft and came back at me with the same force I had fought back with. We fought for a bit and as soon as I realised I'd messed up and she'd got the better of me, I woke up. My bedroom was dark and my third eye was still active, so I could still see movement from the dream. I quickly got up and turned the light on, so I couldn't perceive her anymore. It worked and she couldn't affect me anymore. Hectic.

I hope these accounts serve as an example of how I've learned the lessons learned and perhaps provide some insight to someone on how they operate.

About the energy drain on the solar plexus chakra, mentioned in the video (if my memory serves me correctly, watched it last week). My friend was telling me about this energy he felt in his solar plexus, he said he felt it was draining his energy. I wasn't aware they could do that at the time but could feel what he was talking about through empathising. It felt like an energy bleed, I would liken it to an arterial bleed of our physical body. I had the urge to place my hand on his abdomen and flow energy into it. After about two minutes of flowing energy it was mended. There was still a little vibration going on after but it faded after a while. Absolutely anybody can do this. Just place your hand on the drain and allow Source energy to flow to the affected area. It's important to be in a state of allowance, not giving, you don't want to give your energy or it will drain you, just act as a conduit and allow it to flow through you. It's done when you can feel the flow stop, if you can't feel it (some don't) then just do it until you feel it's healed.

Rather than run or fight, my aim is to objectively observe, when faced with an attack. I trust I'll know what I need to know, when I need to know it, hence do what I need to do, when I need to do it. So far, so good.

I would consider that it should be individual choice, at any given time, and flexible depending on the circumstances. Would be very interested to hear the thoughts of others on the "Service to Others" meme, which is mostly being accepted without question.

Hi Arwen. :)

Service to others didn't work so well for me, too draining and too many people willing to take advantage of it. I go with both service to self and service to others, which is service to all. I've found this takes the quandary out of the equation in each situation pretty quickly. Keeping in mind, we are not serving another by allowing them to harm us, that's not for the greatest good of all.

Nature Spirit
15th July 2015, 15:58
How wonderful to know you both via Project Avalon! :) I, too fight against cruelty & abuse, and most strongly against species-ism. Have you read the Blog They Want Us to eat Meat? Sorry, I don't have a link to hand. . . I am hoping you are also vegan?

I'm not sure if you're asking me or not, but I'm definitely plant based. A few exceptions are that I do eat honey (considered an animal product), and I do take Vitamin D3 as this is still important for a few more months until our bodies are more crystalline than carbon based. I also have a couple of old pairs of Birkenstock which are leather/suede but I won't throw them out until they have holes... (I'm a big recyclabler)

17th July 2015, 22:27
This video is very informative and discusses topics like entities, addictions and remedies. Sarah comes in at the 11.00 mark.

19th July 2015, 13:35
Innocent Warrior, thank you so much for that incredible, thoughtful response sharing your experiences. Found it really helpful, and I know others will too. Hence, your is post deserving of more than just a "Thanks button" :) And I am so glad you saw through the "Service to Others" trap as well. :)

cccme - thank you for that video, will download and watch. :)

Love to everyone!


27th July 2015, 12:43
Thank you Arwen, i have been targeted unexpectedly numerous times. I have some friends who are deeply entrenched in the Law of Attraction phenomenon and they tell me that i keep attracting the attacks. In my gut, i don't feel that i want to be attacked. It is making more sense to ne as time goes on. I am really aware of the spiritual corruption and the contracts that we are manipulated into before our return to Earth.
Thanjs again i will watch the youtube video.

28th July 2015, 16:34
You are welcome, Maryka.

Oooh, do not get me started on the "sweetness and light" brigade! :bigsmile:

Yes, it is possible to go into a hazy "glamour" of "it is all beautiful, what you put out, you attract", and so on. I usually do not bother to engage further with people of this view, there is just no point.

Unless one has really experienced it personally, there is no real way to understand the experience unless a person has exceptional empathic abilities.

NO-ONE ever asks for an attack. These kinds of attacks target people who vibrate at a high level of not only love, but also, most importantly, awareness. The new age love and light crew are *no* threat to the invader/parasitic entities at all, so they do not get attacked. It is complicated but the bottom line is: - you do NOT deserve or intend these kinds of attacks, but you do need to learn how to defend yourself from them. Spotting the source of them is often the most powerful start, and taking good care of yourself is a good practice. Your own intuition is senior to what anyone else, including me, says to you.

My simple basic rule is, I tell them "I DO NOT CONSENT". That invokes universal law, and they cannot override that, only try to trick you another way.

Here is a new excellent article to add to the data above, from what is currently one of my most favourite sources of knowledge:

How To Defend Yourself Against Astral Energies (http://in5d.com/how-to-defend-yourself-against-astral-energies/)

Which covers: Who and what is attacking; Reasons why you are being targeted, and What you can do.

Sending much love your way!