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21st July 2015, 07:02
I am on another forum also and in that forum there is a guy called Argento. He so far has 164 pages of remote viewing done on many many people. I think he would be a good candidate to be interviewed.

He is totally against working for the Government. He's better than Ed Dames.

He has had many attacks from people in the government on these 164 pages.

He is teaching people how to remote view for free!

I don't know how you choose people to interview but I think he would have a great interview. He is not afraid to speak out about anything.

He posted that the 3rd Temple was already built

Here's a copy of that RV:

Remote Viewer:

secret thoughts in temporary memory reveal a
Command and Control Bunker located directly under
Dome of the Rock Islamic Mosque

starting at 60 ft below surface going down
to 120 ft below surface, 3-story structured
bunker, top layer 4 ft thick concrete designed
to be bomb proof

there are 2 access tunnels one of which leads to
Israel's Defense Ministry, the other leads to a
surface building not far from the Mosque site

the exterior of the concrete bunker is coated with
radar absorbing foam sprayed on to absorb radar waves
so ground penetrating radar will not pick up the structure,
same material used on stealth bombers to avoid radar

Level 1 is administrative level, offices of high ranking
Israeli Defense and Intelligence, this is the level
which houses Netanyahu's private office, with sleeping
quarters and private bathroom and an conference room
adjoining it for high level meetings

Level 2 is an armory with special weapons and munitions,
also houses command and control center for all of Israeli's
defense capabilities including nuclear deployment console,
also includes a small private Masonic Lodge situated due East
and West

Level 3 is a scaled down version (1/2 scale) of Solomon's Temple
also includes a secure vault for gold and religious relics,
this Temple has a starry ceiling to imitate an open air Temple

so, the 3rd Temple has already been built,
right under the noses of the Dome Mosque
and 60 ft down

something not even the US Dept of Defense knew about,
this project started under Menachim Begin's reign,
construction began under Ariel Sharon and
was completed during Netanyahu's second term

Top Secret Clearance required by Mossad for entry

this site was chosen specifically for it's security,
as nobody in Israel would expect Muslims to bomb
their own mosque, makes the perfect hiding place
for a command and control bunker

End remote view: 1415 Eastern DST

remote viewer

He is being attack now for revealing this information.
Would anyone be interested in investigating this?


21st July 2015, 16:31
Someone wrote me this regarding the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem:

"I did go to this place before. There are ETís around there; insectoides etc. I saw some ancient tunnels underneath it that the native people are aware of and using. There is something there in 4D. I donít know what it is. It looks like a black room with some white stone pillars in it, some white stone stairs etc. ... I never saw a bunker but itís presence wouldnít surprise me. There are many secret underground places in the world with humans and ETsí both there. There are large numbers of ET's here; so many that most people would be stunned by it. I went to this place when I was first beginning to travel. Some insectoides immediately checked me out. I would say that this region isnít healthy."

21st July 2015, 17:15
Further to my post above, because the name Ed Dames had been mentioned, this feedback was given to me:

"Ed Dames (remote viewer) was mentioned. He is a fraud. He has claimed to have worked with other well known government remote viewers, but one of them said in an interview that he had NEVER worked with him.
Plus Ed Dames describes things that I know are false. For example; he says that the sky on Mars is red etc. (the official B.S.). Iíve been there. The sky is blue like it is here."

21st July 2015, 23:47
Mars has blue skies and also trees in different colors as well.if we knew about what is really there it would blow our minds and be a game changer to mankind but that stuff is never gonna go public sadly!!