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23rd July 2015, 15:02
This is true of the Human population as well. Technological advancements were made in the first place, to free us of labour.

So then, what have the ruling elites decided that we should all do with these time saving advancements?

Nothing nice.

Instead of switching to a 4 day work week, and then a 3 day work week, and then job sharing, all while every person earned enough to have their own home, hobbies and families, the elite ruling class formed their own plan.

(and by the way, it has been proven over and over again that content and civil societies do NOT have population over-runs and on their own maintain a very stable population base. documented is the external forces, as in the baby boom as one example, which was facilitated by a mass media campaign and governmental baby bonus checks, as in, financial rewards were offered to people to have more and more children. similar governmental programs operate in third world countries constantly, and sporadically here)

Every person is to have their own TV. Every person is to be as isolated with their TV as is possible. Every person will eat at McDonalds or some other corporate establishment, and as the automated factories take over more and more of the labour, every person will be either a slave labourer from inside the prison industrial complex, or will be one of the guards or administrators, also inside this prison industrial complex, but able to go home to their own TV's daily.

The last several decades have seen not but an increase of products, even food items, that are made by prisoners entering the marketplace, beginning way back when with license plates.

That's pretty much what their plan for ALL looks like.

By-law enforcement officers have chased away all those in the streets who cook food (street food vendors), repair clothing or shoes, repair cell phones or bicycles or a myriad of other high skilled specific knowledge based activities,

(the knowledge being lost on a daily basis, in cities all over the world, from by-law enforcement officers, today, is immense, while in the city near me here, Ottawa, it is thoroughly complete today. in Ottawa today you can no longer find street food of any kind nor repairs nor anything else, the streets are completely empty of all type of vendors. even buskers, theatre performers and musicians, have been by-lawed out of existence except for a buskers fest they have once a year in a designated area, and all buskers need to apply for permits and display them as by-law enforcement officers will be present)

Opting instead for all of this knowledge to remain inside their factories, and every time something of yours breaks, you simply discard it and buy another.

They even secure massive subsidies from your government to do this. If you live in Ottawa, for one of the latest examples of their methods, you would have heard over and over again on radio's and televisions and in newspapers their plans to have you get rid of your old inefficient refrigerator and replace it with one of the new energy efficient ones. They even set it up so men would come and remove your old one for you.

This was all subsidized.

The new ones are never as efficient as the old ones, and the new ones are never as serviceable nor repairable as the old ones, they truly do wish everything to be non-repairable and use once then discard, and these are the lengths they go.

Subsidized by YOU technological dumbing down, and, BY-LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS!!!

Sick f@cking bastards.

23rd July 2015, 15:37
Very well stated, Earthlink...

Citizen No2
23rd July 2015, 17:26
Earthlink wrote:

Sick f@cking bastards.

Love it!

Not a fan of profanity for profanities' sake.......... But sometimes they are the only words that will do.


23rd July 2015, 17:33
I'm not a fan of profanity either and do believe that all words have meanings and proper usage as well.

Also, in order to bypass this system that wastes everything, that we need to hack it is already unacceptable and just proves it is not necessary.