View Full Version : The Defusion of Responsibility, Extreme conformity.

24th November 2010, 17:43
Its called the bystander effect ... and I am just speechless ... in the age where everybody has a mobile phone to call for help ... almost nobody does.


Wow, I am stunned by this ... I wanted to help the guy through the video even though I knew he was an actor.

I just cant believe what society have come to ... wow

some more


25th November 2010, 06:01
There was a show on last night about this. Only it was real life experiencers telling their story.
The one that impacted me the most was a 12 year old girl who got beaten up by one member of a gang on a bus FULL OF PEOPLE!!!! And not one of them helped her.
Not even the bus driver.
The beating finally stopped when one of the gang members said it was enough.

How does any adult stand aside and let a little kid get beaten up?

25th November 2010, 18:26
don't forget that, you can be sued by people if you try to help them and they get hurt.

25th November 2010, 18:45
I always help folks, especially woman, last year I even had A homeless woman move in cuz she was scared of the shelters.
Right now I have one of her ex's staying with us as he is disabled and homeless.