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27th August 2015, 19:45
As some of you might know, I have memory of having made a dimensional shift with my true soul mate, which from this reality point of view in my understanding took place in an altered state within the dream state.

One interesting detail about this experience, that I have recently started reflecting on, was that I got to sense that my true soul mate is "an absolute polar opposite of/to me". Now, what that exactly means, I don't know, but if you're familiar to phase cancellation in mixing/music production, then that would be my way of explaining it based on the experience I had - someone that is precisely the way you are and that you are able to perceive separate from yourself because the opposing polarity is causing a mirroring effect. The experience is like meeting your true self manifested as someone else that is as an identical being to yourself, however completely "incomplete" in the total opposite way. So everything required to make you complete that person has/is, and everything required to make that person complete, you have/is. So it's a perfect polar opposite - you are identical in being and the total opposite in terms of the holes in your soul. An idea of how this could have taken place is by you having an opposite version of you going through precisely what you are not going through and once you re-join through unconditional love as key for the unlocking process, the exchange of information is "full", hence that information is then so complete that it can allow for "soul fusion" to occur, the two souls complete as one.

What is your understanding about how another being is, who is the absolute polar opposite of/to you?!

28th August 2015, 01:17
Im confused. Though I know that you have a point I will dig deeper:sun:

28th August 2015, 01:26
Umm I have a question what if I had met that person in real reality, not in a dream state, as in couple of years back and we are still in contact and that we cant agree on anything yet. every time we talk we argue. whats your take on this? The question is intended for everyone. perhaps someone out there can help me decipher whats happening.:idea:

29th August 2015, 12:25
yin and yang ...cause and effect ... reaping and sowing ... time and timelessness ... spirit and material ... stands to reason there would be an opposite of everyone ...

29th August 2015, 16:15
Are you aware of the Myers-Briggs personality types?



I am a female ENFP, so my polar opposite would be a male ISTJ.

Don't know if that's the kind of thing you had in mind, though.

Old Wolf
29th August 2015, 23:54
Thanks Whitelove. I think it's important that we come to understand the nature of our souls.

I've got a similar thing going on but it's not my soulmate. This other incarnation of my soul is male (as am I), about 5 years older than me and opposite in almost every conceivable way :) I'm white, he's black. I have no problems with surviving, basic survival is a fundamental issue for him. I have lots of emotional difficulties, he's so emotionally stable it's something I can't even understand. He's completely grounded and it's something I struggle with. He lives in the heart of a busy city, I prefer the quiet of the countryside. I've no doubt the differences go on and on.

We're incarnated so differently because our soul wanted to gain a variety of experience during this period of earth's existence. This is the most interesting time in human history, it has the most complication .. the most difficulty, intricacy that can or will be faced. That's why I've got multiple incarnations at this time and the multiple incarnations are so different. I've only got 3 incarnations on the earth right now, many other souls have lots more incarnations to experience as much diversity as possible. When I came to this life, I brought the emotional issues (from my soul) that would match the experience I'm having here. I'm a collection of certain aspects of my soul, he's a collection of different aspects. We're both having the experiences that suit us in order for us to experience and learn as much as possible in this period of earth's history. I'm certain that this is my last cycle of incarnating on the earth and given the low number of incarnations I'm having, all 3 of us have a great deal of experience to gain (a lot to learn) in order to complete the incarnational cycle. Fundamentally, that's why we're so different. It's the differences between us that allow us to learn the most from the wide variety of experience on the earth at this time.

Every soul is unique but we're also more similar than different. I suspect there are many people on this board going through a similar experience to myself.

Finding out his identity and nature has helped me to understand a great deal of what I need to learn about myself, because he's so different to me. It's a 'hint' along my life's path, to assist me in moving forwards, nothing more significant to me than that.

I'm hoping that this is useful for you.