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28th August 2015, 04:59
Hi all,

I want to offer something from Bruce Lipton that came into my reality very much around the time Bill's work did also around 2008. That of Bruce's concepts relating to entertaining the emotional state of fear or love. The two core emotions that basically everything else from an emotional perspective is a derivative of. And, their effect on the body:


This had a real profound influence on my journey into realizing i am not a passenger to my emotions. There is a great benefit from emotional mastery. I accepted i was (and still are) a co-creator contributing to the way this reality is. I have instances of fear also but see them as 'muscle' tests to return to a neutral or love state. This entire world we all find ourselves in is reliant of us being passengers to ourselves. By accepting this I was accepting my contribution for the way it is. I still do accept this every day and use it as a line in the sand for my balance in a Sacred Neutral observational mode.

This reality definitely has a desire to get you into the fear state. It gains nourishment from it. this forum is not immune to it either. It is a great place to train yourself as we all have various states in external influences we wish to share and support each other. That is because your fear energy is harvested for negative enforcement of the artificial nature of this reality. I will link a couple of other vids i have posted in other posts here as to how this is occurring. Don't believe it if you wish. Entertain it as a possibility. Observe how events, news, information leaks, perspectives contribute and effect people. The escalation of such things is not because it is winning. It is loosing. It needs to ramp up just to maintain it's state that is not in line with a universal harmony. Hence the increased need for injections of fear and trauma in the populous in various locations on the globe. Your emotional immunity to it suffocates it.



But remember, you actually do have a choice. Investing in mastery of your emotions will return an amount of your life force to you. Not the reality we all find ourselves co-creating. I just wanted to offer this as much seems to be in flux at present. The unknown related to it can offer fear a chance within. Don't allow it ;)

Love is a State of Being - Anthony De Mello:

Best of luck all. This is the life you have set up 1000s ago for this time :)