View Full Version : May be the time to stop eating sea food?

1st September 2015, 07:20
I have a thread named "Dolphin are leaving"

I came across the following video and it might explain the reason why the mass........


Such sonic interference kills sea creatures and it might be possible to kill us in a certain way.

1st September 2015, 11:04
The "scientist" Dr. Paul Robertson is certainly an actor. This documentary isn't very reliable it seems


Citizen No2
1st September 2015, 12:19
This programme is a known hoax.



1st September 2015, 13:54
Like Mulder, I wanted to believe and much to my disappointment found out later it was docu-fiction. There's a follow up/part 2 - Mermaids: The New Evidence.

That said, I think they were really well done, and enjoyed watching them. It left me with the feeling that there may some truth hidden in there, who knows. It's fun to think so.

1st September 2015, 16:15
If you want some very real reasons to stop eating sea food, watch the following:


1st September 2015, 16:33
anyone can make a documentary I trust my gut instinct more than anything

If only 5% of the oceans have been explored then how can they make such calculations. perhaps the calculations is based on that 5%

1st September 2015, 16:55
Reminds me of ancient aliens. Some good base info, but just fluffed up into garbage. Like those "reality shows" that are 100% fake, like the repo or auction ones.

1st September 2015, 17:37
all of our food sources have been poisoned (throw in water), regardless of land or sea origins, although my cat is my barometer in this instance; animals have an incredible sense of smell; my cat still gobbles-up canned tuna and Pacific wild salmon (so is Fukushima as bad as we've been told it is?- that's another topic) but refuses to eat any pure fish that has been "glazed" (according to labeling)-


1st September 2015, 17:46
Since the Gulf was poisoned with Corexit I have not been eating seafood. My fave being shrimp. I am appalled at the use of this poison when using hay bales to soak up the oil would have been very sufficient. It was done many years ago with success.
I purchased shrimp from Taiwan and threw it out. Old. This was the last seafood I bought or ate.
Our food, water and air supplies are so adulterated.

2nd September 2015, 03:13
I thought this would be a thread on Fukushima Daichi