View Full Version : Project Camelot TV

4th September 2015, 18:28
Kerry Cassidy is setting up her own TV station

looking for crowd funding campaign to fund it


5th September 2015, 06:45
Maybe she should talk about it with David Icke before, he got some first hand knowledge on a project like this ;)

I wonder why kerry is going for this, my opinion is its just a big money graveyard better use the same money for a internet based TV

5th September 2015, 07:22
Kerry of all people should know what time this is in Earth history, economic history, etc. The pressure of maintaining constant content for programming will force her to change the type and quality of what she is currently producing, which will change her viewing base. It will require funds which will have to be supplied by advertising, changing her loyalty to the truth. It will make inroads into her health. As an old woman, I understand what time in life she is going through and that she does not know what lies ahead for her biologically. My entire premise is based upon the assumption that her TV station will be running a set number of hours daily. Kerry and I think alike and here is a conspiracy thought for her. Undoubtedly, there are those out there who wish to shut her up by bringing her down. This idea may be the cheese in the mousetrap that will do it. My advice is to finish her current repair project and go slow but sure. Many fond wishes to her.