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7th September 2015, 04:12
Here is a general, all-purpose chant we can do to help a friend, loved one, ourselves, the Earth, everyone on the planet, or everyone everywhere. You can simply focus on whoever you are concerned for while doing the chant. I have used this to 'pray for' friends/loved ones and it seems to Always help quite noticeably.
Every, Every Body Be Healed Right Now
Be healed right Now!
Every, everybody be healed right Now

Every, every body...
Every, every body...
Every, every body be healed right Now
Every, every body be healed right Now


7th September 2015, 04:30
Thank you Valley. I would love for there to be healing for people in Syria and other war torn countries where fear, death, injury and trauma and loss are so prevalent. And healing for those that cause it.

7th September 2015, 05:14
Beautiful, Becky... Yes, the 'cabal' has done a despicable job of trying to convince us that we are powerless to make beneficial changes using the power of focused intention... but we are quickly realizing these days, in many ways, that true power lies within us... We simply need to start applying our heart-centered, focused intentions more regularly and we will see the changes. The 'power of creation' lies right in the heart of our being... and we will only find it by experimenting/exercising it and observing the results. I've done a lot of experimenting/visualizing and have had uncountable exact results, so to me it is as plain as day.

8th September 2015, 04:46