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7th September 2015, 17:47
I came across this video of UG Krishnamurti, I sure do admire his honesty, but I am still thinking is that all to life?

7th September 2015, 18:08
I started watching. Decided not to invest another minute in UG. He is a whiner.
Of course there is meaning in life, especially if you open your eyes and search for it.
The universe has a wonderful way of responding to our questions. And it also is rational.
Sure there are many awful things going on, but there is also much that is good and positive.
It's a complex mixture, where processes are at work that take more then a few years to bring the world from top down hierarchies to a consultative true spiritual democracy.

But at first you need to find a way of accessing your inner peace,
using the challenges of life as you would use the machines in a gym.

Then you can inspire others to do the same.
That's when the challenges will increase exponentially as there will always be someone who will accommodate you, and make you feel awful again.

So then you return to work on inner peace, until no one can rob you of it.

You will then be free to became the creator of your own little domain.
At first your inner being, then your home environment, and slowly extend those circles.
It takes only one life time.

But once you are on that path, and have found the virtues within yourself to help you stay on your path, with determination, undeterred by the opinions of others, and just offer your own unique being in service to those who are genuinely needy, spreading your message of universal peace and creating a meaningful life, for yourself and others, you will not need to listen to UG's cynicism any more.
J Krishnamurti may be more helpful then.

7th September 2015, 18:29
I came across this video of UG Krishnamurti, I sure do admire his honesty,

He is right about the state of the world elites and the pyramidal control
system that has lasted more or less since we became ' Civilised' in all
its forms. Religion is a form of control virtually all of them, I'm sure
there are many genuine people among them but its all about fear
and control of the mass's to serve the few.

He is covering a vast subject and there are many different conversations
going on in the interview . You only have to look in the media mainstream
or alternative and you soon find out , its all about headlines , motives,
emotions and agendas . Or as David Icke says 'Problem Reaction Solution'.

Propaganda is about editing, don’t cut TV timelines, let viewers decide – ‘Slow TV’ producer

By David Icke on 7th September 2015



7th September 2015, 18:49
We all wake up in different ways and maybe recognising different aspects of
this reality. I was born and brought up in relatively safe and prosperous
country. But fear has been around us since a toddler. From the 1960's
when I arrived in this plane , there were always threats of war and control
and we are encouraged to conform to the rules as a whole. A few mavericks
are allowed to live off the grid , but the vast majority have to conform to keep
society going. It varies from country to country but on the whole each one
has elites and 'sheeple'. Now with the web we know there is still a global
elite more powerful than ever as they own virtually all the land and resources...



but I am still thinking is that all to life?

What I am learning is this is just a experience .......

I have posted this collage on a couple of recent threads and it certainly fits here imo.
There is plenty to this physical experience especially when we realise the nature
of this intergalactic theme park.......

The Intergalatic Circus of Wonders



Re: How Reptilians, ETs & The Darkside Mess With Us - OBE, In The Matrix & in 'Dreams'

The fun thing is I understand what he is saying even if we are using different labels ,
I don't claim to understand all the nuances of this reality , but the fact we are eternal
being's experiencing this physical realm for contrast makes sense to me.

From that all the other 'hacks' from other entities is also a possibility and that leads
to all the ET's and other beings that maybe trying to mess with our physical experience.
Taking advantage of the amnesia we are in while we are here. There are still many Q & A ?
we are learning at different levels of awakening and many are still stuck in various
religious and other memes. But the fact we are far more than these physical bodies
is quite reassuring for me anyway.......

The other thing is I dream virtually every night , Ion says we are parallel worlding
while we are sleeping.

================================================== ==
================================================== ==
================================================== ==

I posted this on another thread as I was just in the mood...LOL

A fun post , from what I'm learning about this ride...............


We are none -physical , pure electrical energy beings living in a universe made
from Stardust and the frequencies of the spoken word and some imagination ......https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/6f/d4/9a/6fd49afd8f51d7acf873ba1e93bbc0b1.jpg



Experiencing the physical of this intergalactic theme park carporial experience...
Because in non - physical we manifest and live in a bliss full state , so for
contrast we created the physical to experience the senses to be born , live and
die to return to the Astral plane.........



The Astral plane..........


Re: How Reptilians, ETs & The Darkside Mess With Us - OBE, In The Matrix & in 'Dreams'


7th September 2015, 19:01
Truth has a spectrum of infinitely absolute to infinitely relative and the above content in OPs post I find is closer to infinitely relative than it is to infinitely absolute. The perspective of the limited being is limited, yet what it perceives is true from that limited angle. But it you take that concept and narrow it down to the level above, you start to feel a void inside. What could be hilariously positive, true and freeing, is just boringly limiting. That's the difference.

7th September 2015, 20:16
Always trust your own instincts. It is ok to call bull**** on gurus. :bs:

7th September 2015, 20:42
the simple truth that eludes many is , life in a material body is lived to learn , pass into the beyond back to a spirit where one further learns , re-incarnate in a material body learn more , back to spirit , and the process continues for 60-80 billion years until a level is reached where one becomes half spirit half material , then another 60-80 million years one no longer needs a material body and enters the first spirit level and further learns and eventually merges back with the Creation ... Enoch ( formerly Nokodemjon ) completed this process over 12 billion years ago , then his people fell away from the teachings of Creation , made war , destroyed galaxies , so he had a choice , remain with Creation or reincarnate and help his peoples , he chose a second set of incarnations to bring humans back to spiritual teachings , we know in the last three incarnations as Enoch ... then Isaiah, Elijah, Jeremiah, Immanuel, Muhammad and now Beam ... http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Henoch just a small bit of information about Henoch (Enoch in English) ...

7th September 2015, 21:36
the simple truth that eludes many is , life in a material body is lived to learn ,
pass into the beyond back to a spirit where one further learns , re-incarnate in a material
body learn more , back to spirit , and the process continues for 60-80 billion years until
a level is reached where one becomes half spirit half material

This is a good example and maybe true ? especially for some 'eternal gods' for that
is what we are in non - physical . Eternal beings living in bliss not creating , but
manifesting with access to the collective knowledge of the Astral plane .Some 'gods'
created the physical realities by ' thought and the frequencies of sound/speech , to
experience contrast , enjoy the senses touch, taste, sight , smell & touch. Also to
Q & A about why ? what ?who ? and how it all works etc..?

If the elites or ET/ Entities know this it would explain a lot of the death and
destruction that has gone on. The elites know as long as we are in amnesia why we
are here we are relatively easy to manipulate and they have the ' Luxury Hotel
suits' so to speak and we have 'budget holiday' or if you are poor , or in the third
world , your stay is very different . If inter dimensional have 'hacked' our matrix to
vampire the essence of dieing human adrenalin enhanced by fear going back to
the 'Guf' again it would make sense , if we all lived healthily to an old age and died
in our beds with the occasional accident and tragedy or illness. The Vampires may
not bother us.

This is speculation from my part , and bits probably come from various theories
and religious texts and researchers of all kinds I've come across, and recently from
Ion & Bob , but I'm still open to all possibilities. Though for me this seems to be on
the right tracks...........

Of course some 'gods' may have come here specifically to create chaos etc ??
Then that opens another avenue of thought and speculation.

Bill Hicks was on the right tracks for me , when he said..............

" Life is just a ride"



8th September 2015, 00:20
everyone is unique with sets of strength and weakness each one play a different role in this ride. find where you are comfortable at.
I was born a solutionist my father even told me that I should become an inventor because I always try to find better ways to do things, find solution to every problem. Its because I enjoy doing it. I was born like it.
This does not mean that I don't experience downtown and helplessness when faced with a formidable problem. When this situation arise I take a rest and then go back to hack on the problem once again. So go for a walk smell some flowers admire the woods and then come back when you have the energy. " Its just a ride" . Know that the roller coaster has a fix track that you cant do nothing about. The only thing that you can do something about is to changed how you feel about the ride. When you are on the ride you have two choices. try to enjoy the ride or jump off. Freewill has a limitation.
Despite knowing all this sh** and doing something about it. Im still having fun. If others can have fun, why cant you?
As one wise avalonian said, cant remember the name, "Its my adventure, find yours".

8th September 2015, 03:32
here's something (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tcF1YaPhmQ) that explains this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQFrUKQfO4k) in a different way

Redstar Kachina
8th September 2015, 08:38

8th September 2015, 09:38
Hi Lasuh
Sorry to hear you had a difficult time after watching UG Krishnamurti's interview on video.I made a point of watching it all last night .
I also acknowledge that Ulli made some interesting points in response to your post.
I have followed some of his work and although you could say he is cynical , iconoclastic , anti establishment or even downright frivolous , I do think his views and how he represented his 'wisdom' was in a way more genuine than the average stereo -typical run of the mill Yogis that came to the west since the 60's.Not all but many of these exploited the western mind's hunger for eastern esotericism and in many cases offered indoctrination and claimed material renumeration of their followers.
At least with UG Krishnamurti you get some brutal honesty and a shock to ' belief systems ' in general. I still find listening to him quite interesting and not necessarily making me give up any hopes of more 'meaning' to life than he argues against.

Finally as Ulli also alluded to , there is a man with the same name called Jiddu Krishnamurti . If you have not heard of him or his work , I thoroughly recommend you do. Out of the two Krishnamurtiis , Jiddu , in my opinion is the real heavy weight champion. He has been a major influence and inspiration to my life and I always revisit his sayings and philosophy.But even Jiddu Krishnamurti if you do study him deeply will unnerve and challenge much of what you may have previously believed: This , in my opinion is not necessarily a bad thing but a 'growth pain'.
Peace be with you .

8th September 2015, 09:48
Hi Lasuh,

I was reading J. Krishnamurti 15 years ago when I also discovered UG Krishnamurti. I would echo Demetrious's sentiments above. We need our belief systems challenged but UG hits too hard, unnecessarily abrupt and confrontational is the way he comes across.

8th September 2015, 20:30
I discovered UG some years ago and was fascinated by him because he was 180 degrees opposed to most other sorts of spiritual teachers out there.

I still love him and here's why: He's a total zen master for me. :fish:

He cuts off every escape route, every possible wormhole for the ego to slither down. He says not this, not that, not, not, not..... and if you can stay with him then you'll find yourself alone in a desert and then UG will pull the sand from under your feet and flick the sun out of the sky and what are you left with then????:p

UG ain't interested in softly softly. He knows how impossible it is to get past the guarded ego and hence his approach to directly disarm it. :fencing:

That's my understanding of him.:crazy:

8th September 2015, 21:22
I disagree with Bill Hicks. Its not all just a ride. Its all just a GAME.