View Full Version : The fake revolution has begun?

26th November 2010, 21:52
What do you think about this that the media are encouraging us to hate the NWO , and that this is part of their plan...


26th November 2010, 22:01
There are two options here:

1) People are beginning to "catch on" to a larger picture, in some way or another. This "push," or awareness, is influencing the information spewed from the mainstream media.


2) It's all a clever distraction. Keep the masses continually "plugged in" to the media, while they radiate their hatred for a group of "boogeymen" they cannot comprehend in the first place.

Either way, the adults continue on with their business, and kids remain distracted by all the new, shiny things.

26th November 2010, 22:39
When I abandon all my cereberal grip on these issues and just go with my gut, it feels like we are entering a higher level of whackiness and endgame madness that's making me feel like a very hot frog right now.

I do feel strongly that we, or more precisely, the mass of people who are just on the brink of opening their eyes for the first time are about to be bum rushed into a maze of conspiracy/counter conspiracy madness with a purpose of pitting us already awake minority off against the bum rushed and lashing out majority who won't have experience to see through the deliberate snares set for them and ultimately us too. The PTB have a window of opportunity they can exploit briefly by cranking up the leaks and counter opinions of all the alternative comentators etc and the big weapon they have is in the numbers. The numbers of people who they can bum rush agressively in our direction is still frighteningly high. It's sort of like spiking the jury so that the jury sees only weirdos and nutter trouble making agitants as our theories ( and facts! ) are trashed in the face of a new surge of popular junk/fake truths that just about make enough sense to the newbies to allow them to feel better informed and more 'right' that we are.

Sort of like how it would feel if you were a lifelong music lover and someone sat you down in front of Britain's Got Talent for the first time and you saw all those kids enthusing about it. You would just "know" that real musicians of the minstrel tradition were not going to get another gig for a very long time and by the time that did eventually come around the world would be a totally different place.

27th November 2010, 00:25
it only takes one to save a million...

the sheeples don't need to wake up as long as the shepherds are there to lead them through danger...

stop worrying about the masses that don't "know" they don't really need to...

27th November 2010, 05:44
I had another take on this, although I think the Youtube video is pretty accurate as well.

In order to implement consolidation, the NWO/Illuminati must turn on their own. And many of those who are outed will probably fight back.

MSM news is dying. This could be a plot to stay alive by focusing on something real. Although, I do think they are trying to generate a fake revolution.

And, also there have not been any real revolutions ever. Only fake "manufactured" ones.


27th November 2010, 05:51
was always likely , though global plans years in the making, in the final times at the dawn of thier implimentation they turn on each other cos not one of them trusts any of the others to have all that power and they have only cooperated thus far cos they all needed each other ....

"the battle ship is at its most vulnerable when its victory is in sight "